Adding A Desktop Hotmail Shortcut To Taskbar

How can i add a desktop shortcut (hotmail) to my taskbar without pinning it to internet explorer?

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Desktop Or Taskbar Shortcut To File Path

In windows xp, i used to be able to create a shortcut to a specific file path on my company's shared document drive (the h: drive), like so:

H:projects2009proj999-99999 project namesubfolder title xsubfolder title ysubfolder title z

Once i'd done that, i'd drag the shortcut to the bottom of my screen, and thereafter i'd have one-click access to that file path. Now that we've upgraded to windows 7, i can't figure out how to accomplish this. I don't want to create a shortcut to one specific file but rather to the entire file path, so i'll be able to see all the documents and sub-folders within that file folder. Can anyone help me?

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Cannot Change Desktop Shortcut Icon

I've got an application shortcut on my desktop which leads to a dos based executable. The icon is apparently generic windows 7. I've tried to change it several times to one of the icons in shell32.dll. No luck, the apply button remains greyed out, even though for all intense and purposes the shortcut itself recognizes the icon as it is depicted in the upper left hand corner of properties. If i change any of the other settings and apply the icon it is still not transferred. This is only true of this "dos" based app.

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Desktop Shortcut To Contacts In Live Mail

My new replacement computer came with windows 7 and windows live mail installed as my e-mail client. I have been using it and like it. I have also been placing my contacts in the live mail contacts folder within that program. Since the folder allows other information in addition to e-mail, i would like to use it as my default/main contacts folder/only contacts folder, but i want to have a shortcut on the desktop to access the full file of contacts directly without opening the full e-mail program. I have tried unsuccessfully to drag a copy onto the desktop, locate the program in live mail and create the shortcut to a file that will open the contacts list.

I have also noted/found a contacts file under c/users/chick that looks like and contains the same information about a contact ( it has the same user face) identical to the contacts in the windows live mail folder but does not contain the contacts info that i have already made in the live mail program and apparently is not the same folder. How can i create a shortcut on my desktop that will open just the contacts folder in the windows live mail program? I might also ask the same question about the calendar in windows live mail.

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Creating Shortcut Icon On Win 7 Desktop From Xp Mode

After i load a program in xp mode how do i get the shortcut icon on to my windows 7 desktop so i can launch it from there?

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Missing Taskbar On Desktop

From time to time, my taskbar on my desktop at the bottom disappears. I usually notice it when my laptop has been idle for a few hours or more with the lid closed. It also occurs sometimes when it comes out from hibernation. The workaround, i found out, is to right click on the desktop, go to personalize, then screensaver and click preview.

Once the preview initiates, i move my mouse to leave the screensaver and my taskbar is back. It's the damnedest thing. Since i found the workaround, it's not really a big deal but just somewhat of a hassle to do this from time to time. Anyone have the same issue? I have an hp pavillion dv6 with windows 7 home premium also running on a 64-bit machine. Any thoughts on a possible bug?

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How To Create Desktop Icon In Taskbar?

Since i use my computer for graphical production, i have most aero turned off so to not leak colors through to work area. On my xp laptop, there is a desktop icon that i can click to minimize all open windows together. This is very handy when i want to use something that is an icon on my desktop but does not warrant getting added to the task bar. How do i create this icon. I do not want the version that arrives by right clicking the windows explorer icon, i just want the actual desktop to come forward.

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Problem Clicking On Desktop And Taskbar

I have a new sony vaio laptop (about 2 weeks old) with windows 7, which has been working fine up to now. Since yesterday, when i start up, i have a cursor which i can move about the screen, but when i click (r or l) on an icon nothing happens. It's the same whether i use the mouse, tap the touchpad or click the touchpad buttons. If i open the start menu using the key, when i click on any item the menu closes down.

I can navigate with the arrows to restart. 1 out of 6 starts this morning has got me working again. I downloaded all the latest window 7 updates this morning but it took a few restarts to be working again after the installation. Have any of you good people got a clue what's going on, or do i need to get out my guarantee?

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Moving Toolbars Off Taskbar Onto Desktop

I am a great fan of toolbars (i do not like having a million icons on my desktop, and do not display desktop icons). Instead, i have (with xp, for example) created toolbars of related programs from folders of shortcuts. I then pull them off the taskbar onto the desktop to a convenient spot. I find that in win7 i cannot get them off the taskbar! I get the 4-way move arrow, but it does nothing except move the toolbar back and forth on the taskbar. I usually have about six toolbars and that is too many to have on the taskbar all the time! Sniffle, sob, weep!

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New Shortcut Does Not Create Shortcut

When i try to create a shortcut with my mouse, using my right button, i left click on "new" and then on "shortcut". Nothing happens at this point. Same thing if i try to do that in explorer. I am using windows 7, clean install. Ms explorer mouse and a ms keyboard model 6000 v3. 0. I also do not get volume control with this keyboard; i do not use the lazer mouse that came with the keyboard. I asked this before but never received an answer. Please, is there a way to turn this feature back on?

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Outlook Hotmail Issue

I have for a long time never had to pay for outlook express it came as an added feature with the computer. The thing with outlook is that it also automatically picked up and ran all my programs needed to open an e-mail. I have noted that of late i have not been able to this , i take it due to updates changing the config. So it will not. I could add e-mail addresses easily and forward e-mail with all attachments running properly and not just a blank. I have not been able to do this with hotmail. Well back to basics.

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Trojan Hotmail Problem

I run windows defender, symantec antivirus and malwarebytes' anti-malware. The first two didn't remove a problem i had but the final one discovered two trojan and removed them. The problem was in hotmail. It was sending out messages i didn't create. Before i ran the malware program i had deleted my address book to stop which helped. After running the malware program i had entered an address back into the address book and lo and behold it was doing it again. So i ran the three programs again and nothing was found. What is the solution to let  me be able to use the address book in hotmail again?

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Hotmail Password Reset

I have extensively researched a way to get in contact with the tech support team at hotmail but unfortunately no email address or phone number. I twice filled out a validation form and no response from hotmail. After blogging i noticed people with the same or similar problem also have not heard anything back since sunday to reset my password for my windows live account. Anyone have any suggestions? Anyone know if living people look at the password reset forms we send? 

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Hotmail Freezes On Screen

I cannot access my email account email removed for privacy as of yesterday 29th july. I access this ok in the usual way and my inbox appears but i cannot access any emails. I notice that there is a new configuration to the email now and wondered if this had anything to do with it. My wife on the other hand can access her email via msn in the usual way. I have closed down my side bar thinking that this may be using up computer power but i don't really think this is the problem as this made no difference. Any answers?

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Hotmail Account Has Been Hacked

I'm so *** off to find that when i signed in to my account all my contacts were gone and then it said it could not send a message i sent. I never even sent one message. Is this some sort of joke? This is 'the message i sent'. "Hello just received my apple mc226ll from this homepage , it's so cheaper but genuine , i like it very much , i paid it $740us couier charges included , they have some other products. If you want to get one. You can check it out .

Hope everything goes well

Christopher"is there a way to get my contacts back? Is this some bug?

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Forgot Password Msn Hotmail

What do i do if i want to change a hotmail password but forgot the password and i made the account a long time ago and i forgot the secret question word and i really need that account password and when i send the info to a alternative email and it asks me for the email i want to change the password to and it says it is the wrong email and i cant find out what to do.

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Hotmail Mail Server Smtp

What is the hotmail mail server smtp. I'm installing sysaidit helpdesk software, ( which is web based. I downloaded the exe file, and i'm attempting to set-up the software, but the mail server smtp is not working. What is the smtp for hotmail ( This will tie into sql, but i'm using the free version fior know. I tried to install this software on server 2008 r2, but the response was the file is corrupt. I'm using windows & ultimate x86 version.

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Lost / Losing E-mails On Hotmail Account

I have lost the vast majority of my emails on my hotmail account and the windowslivehelp forums are not allowing me to log back in and reply to the thread that i created. I can therefore not provide the email address for the forum moderators to take action on my problem. I was unable to find another avenue that i could pursue, which lead me to my posting here. Is there anything that can be done to recover the lost emails? They disappeared overnight and were definitely not deleted by myself.

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Favorites Adding

Before i downloaded this new version i was very content with the fact that next to my favorites star button another star button with a plus for easy adding without having to open the annoying favorites menu for adding. Giving that option back to us, well me since i loved the option so much, would be absolutely great. And no i don't like that new option that goes with the star button that has the arrow, hate it. I would like to put the adding favorites button back into my toolbar, not going to the menu.

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Change Email Program From Hotmail To Msn Mail

Can i change my e-mail program from hotmail to msn mail through msn explorer in windows 7? I have a new computer and want to read my e-mail through msn explorer because i hate hotmail! The pop-up says there are compatibility issues with windows 7. Can this be resolved?

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Microsoft Lifecam To Send Video In Emails With Hotmail

I use hotmail(live messenger etc) or bt yahoo with win 7. How can i use microsoft lifecam to send emails or use 'send to' with lifecam as an association with an email program is requested.

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Adding Printer To Xp From Win 7

I recently purchased a new computer with windows 7. I have an hp 9800 deskject printer. I had a ms home network with other computers in the house. One is windows vista, the other 2 use windows xp. I'm trying to add the printer to the window xp computers but i am not able to do this.

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Adding Comments To A File

In xp using the "details" file view, a right click in the columns heading area would bring up a list of possible columns, then selecting the comments field there would place that column on the screen. This is also possible with win7, so far so good.

Then in xp one could add a comment to a file, (for almost any type of file in any folder), by right-clicking the file and selecting the properties option, then by selecting the summary tab one could type a comment and it was displayed in the comments field on the screen for the file. This worked for almost all file types and was very useful when the filenames were at best un-descriptive, (most of the time).

In win7 it appears this is not possible for almost allfile types, very disappointing! Is it doable?

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Adding Degrees On Calculator

I wish to add some angles measured in degrees, minutes and seconds on the calculator. For example, if i wish to add 12 deg. 58' 43" + 28 deg 22' 32" + 23 deg. 52' 27".

(A) how do i enter these values in the calculator

(B) if i must enter them in a "decimal fashion" (viz. , 12. 5843+28. 2232+23. 5227) how do i get the calculator to correctly read the answer, which is 65 deg. 13' 33"?

If you wish to answer via e-mail, i can be reached at.

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Adding Data Hdd

I have just installed windows 7 ultimate 64 bit on a new hdd - the installation went perfectly. I now want to add another hdd (internal), to use as a data drive. I have been using this drive to store all my data from another installation of windows 7 (32 bit). Whilst i can see all the folders, when i attempt to open some folders (but not all) to access files i receive a message saying i don't have permission. I am the only person using the computer, i.e. I have no additional profiles or anything.

How can i fully access this data drive, with full read/write capability? I will also want to use the same drive when i use it with my windows 7 32 bit installation too. I imagine it is something to do with granting permissions or sharing, but i'm not sure what. Any suggestions? 

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Trouble Adding A Network Printer

I have a desktop and netbook. Both are running home premium. Desktop is 64 bit and netbook is 32 bit. The printer is a hp deskjet 6540. It is directly hooked up to the desktop through usb. I just installed home premium 32 bit on the netbook. Upon connecting to the internet. It seen my other pc and asked for the homegroup password. Put it in and i can see both machines. Now hp does not have the drivers for my printer. I got them through the windows update.

So when trying to add the printer on the netbook using the network selection. It sees my printer but gives me a pop up it tells me to install drivers or gives me a have disk selection. How can i do that though if i can only get them through windows update?

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Strange Problem Adding Second Drive

I am trying to add a second seagate barracuda 7200. 11 1. 5 gig drive to my computer. I am running a cleanly installed windows 7 64 bit on an msi p55-gd80 mobo with 8 gig of ram. The operating system is installed on a western digital drive, and i already have a seagate barracuda 7200 installed as a storage drive (as well as a seagate freeagent usb external drive that functions normally).

When i added the second seagate 7200 drive and booted, windows went through 'installing device driver' and then informed me that the driver could not be installed; searching for a new driver proved fruitless. I found that if i unplugged the seagate that is already installed and plugged in the new drive, it would show up normally, and i was able to format it and assign a drive letter.

However, when i rebooted with both drives installed, only one shows up as a functioning drive. In device manager, the non-functioning drive appears under 'other devices' with a question mark as 'st31500341as ata device'. When i check its properties, it says 'the drivers for this device are not installed (code 28)'.

The irony of course is that some drivers must be installed because a single seagate 7200 will work. The other irony is that i actually have two new seagate 7200's that i figured i'd just connect and life would go on. Now i'd be satisfied if i could get only one of them to work alongside the one already installed. The drives must be functioning because i've formatted them both and copied files onto one of them when it was the only seagate installed.

Any ideas on what might be going on? Anything to try?

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Buzzing Sound When Adding Applications

I have just upgraded my pc to win7 64 bit and for the most part very satisfied. Several issues are occurring since the upgrade such as:when accepting a download or installation of a new application my speakers will do a series of buzzing/humming noises (i am listening to itunes at the time)and then clear. Quite annoying when i first boot up about 10 minutes into the session i get a notice that there are mot enough resources to support the aero screen resolution and recommends to go to basic window 7 which does speed up the system. What resources are needed and how can i fix this issue?

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Adding A Network Drive To Library In Win7

Adding a network drive to the library in win7, or adding media to the library from a nas. I have a nas drive (linkstation) that has all my docs, movies, pics on etc.

I used to change the location in vista of the default movies, pics and docs folders so if anyone wanted quick access from within win-explorer to these files they could click the locations under the usher profile. In win7 we now have libraries, i want to add my files to the libraries so users have access to docs etc quickly without having to navigate to the docs etc.

However if i try and add a folder to the library it tells me its not indexed and then if i try and add it to the index i don't have the network drives as an option. Is there a way in win7 to add remote repositories of data to the libraries?

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Adding Hp J4860 Printer To Home Network

I have a desktop computer which is using windows vista. I have a hp j-4860 printer hooked up to the desktop. I'm trying add the printer to my laptop which is using windows 7 home. Can anyone help? I'd also like to be able to get my mailto both computers. I presently am getting mail on my desktop which uses outlook express. Can i setup my laptop to receive the same mail?

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