Activation Problem After Disk Change

I have a several year old computer that came with winxp pre-installed. At some point i upgraded to vista and more recently to win7. Then i had a hard disk failure and had to start over with a new drive. I don't have the original winxp disk, so i installed win7 directly. The normal activation process won't work, of course, since there's no previous version of windows on the computer. I have the product key for the original winxp (from a sticker on the computer case), plus keys for the vista and win7 upgrades. Who do i contact at microsoft to activate my legal win7 product manually?

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Activation Error - No Change Product Key

I recently updated my computer to windows 7 64 bit version. I had no problems during the install, and entered in the activation code i was given during the install. Now, multiple times a day, i get a message box popping up saying that i may have a counterfeit version (which i don't). The link in the message box says i have to right click on 'my computer' then 'properties', then "click change product key at the bottom of the dialog box", so that i can enter my product key in. The problem is, there is no "change product key" option at the bottom. It only says:

"Windows activation
Status not available
Product id: not available"

There is no option of anything to click to input my activation key.

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Activation Error Messages After Motherboard Change

I got windows 7 from a programmer in microsoft as a gift 7 month ago and it was working very well till i got some problems in the motherboard and i had to change it and when i did i found the laptop asking me to reinstall the windows and when i did i found it telling me that my copy of windows are not genuine and telling me that my activation number is not valid an keep asking me to change it so what should i do to get my valid activation number again  programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem

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Change Hard Disk After Windows 7 Was Activated

I have one hp desktop with vista 64, i upgraded it to win7 by the upgrade disk mailed to me. My hard disk is 500g seagate. Thanks for the 7200. 11 seagate bad reputation, i might need to change it, in case burned. My question is :

Can i re-do the upgrade win7 on a different hdd in the future and activate it, or i have to stick with the same hdd after the win7 activated. What about motherboard, can i change motherboard after win7 activated? Or i have to change my mb before the win7 activation. Or put it this way, after the win7 activated, can i still change all the hw parts, or some restriction applied?

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Can I Change Hard Disk And Reinstall Win 7 Without Violating The License?

Im using an oem windows 7 home premium on my computer. 2 months back i changed my graphics card with no issues. My question is can i change my hard disk to a higher capacity one without violating my license. I want to do a clean reinstall on the new hard-drive and use it in the same computer with same old mb, ram, graphics card. Can i reactivate via internet only without calling microsoft.

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Disk Management Directory Fails To List Disk Drive C

I have an intel i7 cpu, running windows 7 pro and the computer management/disk management directory fails to list disk drive c:/ as part of the volume list . C:/ drive is visible in "my computer properties" and works fine! Intel i7 cpu, running windows 7 pro

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Moving Data From 1st Disk To 2nd Disk

I installed my w7 on a single disk pc then i added a second disk for data. I want to have all my data (documents, photos, music, etc. ) In this second disk. In xp, when i did so, i copy my documents from "documents and settings" folder to the new location (d:/) and i was done. Now in w7 i open the "user" folder i found that files are not on a single folder but that there are several document folders (images, documents, etc. ) And settings folders (favorites, etc. ). May i copy all the user folder to the new location or i must leave there some of them in c:/system/users? In xp, when i move my documents to d:, every thing was redirected there (default1 saving folder, default download folder, defautl music folder, etc. ) In w7, would happen the same? The link on the desktop will redirect me to the location or may continue pointing the old one.

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Disk Read Error And Recovery Disk Not Working

I have a toshiba satellite c650 that has recently come up with a disk read error. I want to access the command prompt to try some potential solutions that i have read about on the internet. I have made a windows 7 recovery disk using my other acer laptop which also has windows 7 installed. When i use the recovery disk and it has loaded the files etc it just brings up a black screen and the cursor. Does anyone have any ideas as to why this is happening? I tried booting my acer laptop from the recovery disk and it worked fine. Also does anyone have any suggestions as to why i am getting the 'disk read error - hit ctrl, alt and delete to restart' message?

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Error - Logonui Exe No Disk - Outlook Exe No Disk

I have windows 7 professional running 64 bit. A very annoying error pops up every five minutes or so. The message varies and can read "logonui exe no disk" or "outlook exe no disk" or "your favorite app. - No disk" depending on what i am running at the time. I have looked at many forums and can see that this error occurred in previous windows flavors. Some answers point to malware or infected file, others seem to think it's a corrupt install file. I have a fresh install of win 7. My previous os being xp.

I have reinstalled win7 and tried repair functions. No luck so far.

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My computer was update in 2007 from home version to pro version. The program was "activated" and the number was interned and shows on the system properties that it was "activated". And the system "updates" have been working "somehow?" But on a daily basis when i sign on it comes up with the fact the it is not a valid license for microsoft? Why? The computer [a friend just has come by] and found that all the update since 2007 have been installed, i am on service pack 3, ie-8, and all seems to be working. Yet it insists that it is an not a registered copy. How to get this resolved? Any ideas?

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Activation Again

I rebuilt  an old pc for my dad and tried windows 7 on it (an oem packet, i had practically a  new pc built) and with installing it, windows activated automatically. Afterwards it turned out that the motherboard and the graphics (build-in graphics) didn't work as one would like, so i rebuilt it again, with another motherboard, processor and graphics, and installed the same packet which now runs as windows 7 should run: smoothly and fast. Now there is the problem of activating and registration. What can i do best? Live in the netherlands.

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Two Activation Codes

I have installed an upgrade windows 7 professional on a windows vista home premium computer. I am having problems with a d:/recovery file and want to reinstall windows 7 to see if i can rectify the problem of low disk space on the d;/drive. When i try to reinstall windows 7 i get an invalid key message. The system file shows windows 7 but has the activation key for the vista. Each time i enter in the correct activation key for windows 7, it accepts the key, but the new number does not change in the system file.

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Windows Activation

I'm having issues with windows activation. I'm running windows vista home premium, and i do a clean install every a couple of months. Lately i've been doing more clean installs then usual due to some problems. Usually when i install, i enter the serial key, and the windows activates automatically without problems, but now after like 5 or more clean installs, and after all these times i've entered the serial key for windows activation, it's telling me that my key is already in use.

I didn't know that there was a install limit on windows? Help would be appreciated!

Note: i have a purchased, valid, legal, with a receipt windows vista home premium cd. Lol

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Invalid Activation

I have a laptop for use away from home and my desktop for use at home. My desktop needs to be the same version as my laptop due to certain programs that i'm running. When i tried to upgrade it to windows 7 using my disk that i just bought for my laptop, it says invalid activation. Surely i don't have to buy a separate copy of windows 7 for each computer in my home, do i? I already have windows xp on it. I just need to upgrade it to 7. If i have to keep paying for multiple copies of everything from microsoft, i'll probably just migrate over to a mac next time i'm in the market for a new pc.

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Win 7 Activation

I have recently re-installed my windows 7 on my machine and since installing i have been getting a message saying to activate. It's been going on for 30 days, and every so often i try inputting the code i have printed in my box. It says, however, the code is not valid. Being as it is a perfectly legal copy bought from i'm wondering if one of two things have happened :

1: sent me a copy of windows 7 that had been returned (though their return policy surely would negate this).

2: i used this copy of windows on my previous machine, which unfortunately broke. I did uninstal windows 7 prior to it's return but perhaps activating it on that machine means i can't now install it on my new machine, despite having removed it from the old, broken one.

If the fact that it has been put on a machine now sent back is there a way i can reset my activation key online or something? Paying out another $109 is very silly in my opinion being as i don't want a second copy of windows 7, i just want my original, store bought copy to work.

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Activation Not Working

So here's my problem a while back i had bought a windows 7 ultimate retail. It has only one license; my computer that was running it had crashed and since then i've gone over to mac. I've tried to install it on my mac and it works flawlessly except for one thing. It won't allow me to activate and asks me some "buy a new product key" bs! I'm using the genuine product key that came with my purchase *** is this and how can i fix the issue for free? I just want my windows working and fully activated so i can connect my 360 through media center.

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Activation Trouble

I have a toshiba netbook that came with windows 7 starter. I upgraded that to windows 7 home premium. I am getting a message that says i need to activate it now or loose features (i have been using home premium for a couple of weeks now). When i try to activate it, it gives an error saying the product key can only be used for upgrading, not a clean installation. This was an upgrade though.

The product key on the laptop does not work b/c that is for the wrong version of windows 7.

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Activation Error

I purchased a computer that had windows 7 home pre-installed. I needed windows 7 professional so i purchased an upgrade and loaded it. Now when i try to activate i am getting an error. If i use the product key from the upgrade it says it is an upgrade and if i use the product key from the back of the computer it says it is not the correct windows version. Is there anyway around this or do i have to purchase the full windows 7 professional rather then just the upgrade? 

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What Happens If Activation Fails?

I made an error. My husband purchased the windows 7 upgrade and told me i could use it on my computer, too. (I now know this is an error. ) So, i installed windows 7. At that time i entered the activation code and i thought it was accepted. However, i got the message to activate, tried, did some research and learned that installing this copy of the system on my computer was not allowed. I started with xp, then upgraded to vista, then windows. The xp discs were given away at a garage sale, because i thought the windows 7 activation code had been accepted. So what happens in two days when the 30 days are up? Does my system revert to vista? Xp? Does the system allow the code for windows 7 to be overwritten.

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License & Activation

I own a pc at home which had xp sp2 installed. I also own a laptop which came with oem vista home premium which i upgraded to vista ultimate. (Upgrade from home premium to ultimate boxed product). Recently i bought a windows 7 ultimate ( full package boxed product) and upgraded my laptop to win 7 ultimate. I installed the same media to my home pc to feel how it works in the old pc. It works fine but obvious can not activate.

I bought one more win7 home premium (boxed product) for my home pc with win 7 ultimate.

In the mean time i found the in-built camera in my laptop is not recognized at all after win 7 installation and when the oem service people checked and advised to go back to vista if i need to use the webcam. I have following questions

1. If i revert to vista in my laptop can i use the product key of win 7 ultimate in my home pc.

2. If i keep win 7 in my laptop can i use the vista ultimate in another computer ? Though it is upgrade boxed product i remember it had a clean install option.

3. Can i use the win 7 home premium product key in my home pc with win 7 ultimate installed yet to be activated.

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Activation Problem

I purchased windows 7 about 6 months ago and installed it on my lap top. A few months later that lap top crashed and no longer works. Since i spent the money on the new windows 7 software, i didn't want it to go to waste, so i installed it on my work computer. Everything installed ok, but now i'm getting a message saying i have one day to activate windows and that product key is invalid. Is this because i have already installed it on another computer? If my other laptop is not longer functioning, why cant i use my original product key that i got when i purchased the software? Can anyone help?

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Activation Area

I bought my laptop at the philippines and it's a windows 7. After 30 days my laptop is looking for the product key, but it's already done before, what does the windows activation said, " the product key you entered can be used only in certain countries or regions. Either activate windows where you bought it or buy a new product. My question will be, is there any possibilities where i can have consideration and instead activate the product key over here in the united states because i wil be here for 5 more months?

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Activation Issues

Tried to upgrade my mother's laptop to win 7 with the family upgrade pack my father purchased, to no avail. The automated phone line is completely useless it is telling me they cannot help me at this time and certain things have to be met for this license. The problem is they are and the real problem is the windows activation process is stupid and does not work as it should. There are only 3 pcs in this house, mine , my father's and my mother's laptop. I used the phone service and it tells me to wait on the line for assistance but then it is just dead air since it says goodbye right after that. All i want to do is activate this copy for my mother.

Why can't microsoft make this process a little more intuitive? The only thing i can see being a problem is that i replaced my motherboard so had to install it again on my machine but why is it so hard for microsoft to figure this out. All i need is for them to reset the activation to only 2 installs so i can activate this laptop and all will be forgiven. What is the point of buying 3 licenses if you cannot use 3?

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Activation Methods

In how many ways, we can activate windows. I've listened many methods, but i'm still unable to understand. Another thing is that what's the maximum limit of the windows that we've once bought? Some tell it is forever, some says it's valid for 1 year, some says it's valid till your machine is working, once your machine burns the window's activation will also have gone. Some talk about oem. So here are many many procedures and methods of activating windows. Can anyone "master" tell me about all procedure? I hope for the descriptive answer.

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Changing Activation

I recently purchased windows 7 ultimate x64 about a month or two ago. Since then my old pc bit the dust and i just built a new one and naturally i used the same windows disc (why wouldn't i, i spent 200$ on it and only got to use it for a little over a month). Anyways my question is, is it possible to switch my activation key over to this computer or whatever?

The other pc is no longer in operation and it doesn't seem fair that i would have to buy a new operating system, i paid alot of  money for it, and i have barely used it. I have spent all day trying to find a phone number to contact microsoft but i haven't been able to find one.

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Activation Inquiry

I recently built a system for my wife's use, and installed windows 7 home premium using the purchased set i had on hand from my own system. I understand fully that i will need to purchase another registration key; this is not an issue. My question is simply this. I used the full retail version i had purchased for my own system, but would like to utilize an oem version i can obtain from an online supplier to obtain the registration code. The machine in question is unlikely to see future hardware upgrades or changes, so i am wondering, since both versions will be home premium full, will this method work, or will i be required to purchase another full retail package and use that registration key?

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Activation And Cloning

I am trying to create a setup for delivering technical training courses and am running into problems with windows 7 activation. We have 12 (new) laptops, each with a hp oem windows 7 professional license. We have a specific build that we use for each course which consists of windows 7 plus the software and configuration we need to run the course. We need to use cloning as we run two different courses every month and need to start with a fresh build for each one.

I created a lovely build on lone of the laptops, cloned (using ghost) and then then imaged this onto the other 11 laptops. The cloning went well but then the new machines complained about not been activated. It seems i have two main options and would appreciate advice on which would be the best (please note that we were doing this for years on our previous set of xp laptops and this was never an issue).

1. As we have license keys for each one i could create a script that changes the license key to the exact one for that laptop. This seems to be the best option as it would be the same key on the same laptop but there would still only be one build and i don't know how many times i can re-activate windows on-line. Is there a limit?  How many times would i have to reactivate before using the phone method?

2. I create 12 separate builds for the system disk (each with the key for the same laptop) and a separate data disk with just one image for that. I would really appreciate any suggestions as the activation thing is doing my head in. This was never a problem with our old xp laptops but then it was xp, not 7.

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Activation Problems With A New Motherboard

Ideas: i actually have a 2 part question. Ok, in the last month i have purchased 4 copies of windows 7. 2 regular home, and 2 ultimate. Yesterday i uninstalled the mobo because i wanted to move everything into a different case. Now i am new at this and i didn't realized that the gateway mobo is a bxt board, and would not fit in the atx case i bought. So i reinstalled everything back to the old gateway computer. Today i ordered a new mobo to fit into the new atx case.

My first question: i wanted to know if i'll have activation problems because windows will see this as a new computer? Trying to get tech support on this site i tried to find my product key and saw that i wasn't activated yet -again- i remember activating it, and well i am also know that i should not have any activation problems. Now i keep getting the error message windows is registered on too many computers. Which it can not be!

My second question is, why can i not activate on this computer? Why did it even "inactivate" itself in the first place? Will i run into the same problems on monday or tuesday when i install everything from the old case into the new case with the new motherboard? Does that make sense? Upgrading shouldn't be such a pain the butt.

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Activation After Motherboard Replacement

This is a long, involved question. I will try to minimize the verbiage. A friend of mine had the motherboard on his acer computer go out. I am replacing the proprietary acer m/b with a retail (asus) motherboard, because the acer m/b cannot be purchased. The machine came with vista home 64 bit pre-installed. As recommended by microsoft , my friend upgraded via download to win 7 home32 bit. He did not get a cd/dvd. Two questions:

1-we will try to start the system with the existing hard drive, but it probably won't start because of the different drivers needed. If, however, it does start, and the drivers can be updated, will we be able to reactivate windows? The motherboard has to be replaced, and an identical m/b is impossible to acquire.

2- is it possible for him to get a cd/dvd of his upgrade now, and can that be used to do either a repair or a clean install, and, if either is possible, will he be able to reactivate windows?  

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Activation / Product Keys

I have just purchased from ebay a "legal copy" of windows 7 sealed and in a box with the activation code and all the relevant paperwork, however it has not been recognized by microsoft and the site tells me the activation code has been blocked by microsoft, when i enter the product key i get options for contacting microsoft or buying a new product code, how can people get away with selling what appears to be a legal copy yet microsoft doesn't recognize the key, looks like i'm going to out of pocket on this one !

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