Cannot Hear Sound Through My Headphones

Headphones are repeating me talking, can anyone help please. I recently had a new comp running vista 7, after plugging everything into comp, everything seemed to work, but never tested microphone. Tried to speak to a friend on msn, (which i could do on old comp using same equipment) and she could not hear me. Decided to try the audio tester, now i can hear myself speaking back to myself through the headphones and cannot clear it.

Have tried system restore. No good. Read some of the advice given in the forum and it said go to start, accessories and sound recorder, i could not find a sound recorder in my accessories. I can listen to cds and various radio stations though. Thanks for you help. Ngie

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Others Can Hear What I Hear Using Headset

When i use a headset with skype or any other voice program (even the windows microphone test) people can hear what i hear (music, system sounds, game sounds, etc. ) I thought it was my headset and bought a new one but the problem persists. I also tried reinstalling the sound drivers but that also did not fix the problem. Both the headsets i've tried are usb.

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No Sound From Headphones

Why is windows 7 not projecting sound from my earbuds when they are convected? I plugged my apple earbuds into the correct port and the sound from my computer continued to come out of the built in speakers and not the earbuds. I tried plunging in different pairs of earbuds but the same exact thing happened. How do i get windows 7 to actually project sound from the earbuds and not the speakers? Why does a mac actually automatically project sound through the earbuds when they are plugged in? 

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No System Sound Or From Headphones

Windows 7 says un-plugged headphone but it does not true i have installed windows 7 but nothing sound is emitted. The troubleshooting says "the headphone are un-plugged". But the head-phone are right located in the right jack. It seems that it does not see the jacks

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Sound Acting Up When Headphones Plugged In

I just accidentally dropped my laptop while watching a video online. The crash wasn't too bad at all, but now whenever i play audio through headphones (online and off) the background noise is loud and clear but voices are pixually and quiet sounding if you know what i mean. When headphones are not plugged in it all works fine. What is wrong? I just bought my computer a month ago!
Edit: i plugged in my external sound card and the headphones work perfect. With that said, do you think the drop somehow messed up the headphone jack? They were plugged in.

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Speakers Work But No Sound Through Headphones

I'm using windows 7 starter on a dell inspiron mini 10. Up until 2 days ago i could play sound through either the speakers or the headphone. Then the headphones suddenly stopped working. Sound through the speakers is fine. Before the headphone jack stopped working i use to get a message whenever i plugged in my headphones saying - information you just plugged an audio device into the audio jack. Now whenever i do, i do not receive the message at all. But i do get the message if i plug the headphones into the mic jack. I have tried checking all the setting, running the audio trouble shooter, but nothing seems to work. Please help.

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Headphones Not Functioning

I've just completed the installation of win7. Everything seems to be working fine except the headphones. Previously with vista i simply plugged the headphones into the jack on the computer and it would intercept the audio and play in the headphones.

Now when i plug the headphones into the jack, nothing changes, i'm still getting sound through the normal speakers. When i go into the audio mixer and select device headphones, properties and run the test the headphones work fine.

I'm attempting to use the headphones while viewing a movie from netflix. With vista this was not a problem. In addition, the headphones do not work with cd's and or any other audio media.

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Headphones Device Disabled

I accidentally disabled my headphone device. I had my sound device manager open to the headphones manager. There was a check-box that said "disable this device" and i accidentally checked it. I clicked apply, then the box was blank except for a text saying "the device you are configuring has been removed" even when my headphones were plugged in. I tried replugging several times, and nothing. I looked all over the device manager/sound manager/control panel for anything that would let me enable my headphones to work again. Any ideas?

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Only One Speaker Works On Headphones

This is not a problem with the headphones, i've tried multiple pairs, each of which works fine on other devices. Nor is it a problem with the left-right speaker balance as i've checked that setting. Oddly enough the inbuilt speakers work fine. Okay so with those checks out of the way, i'm using a 2 week old acer aspire timeline as3810t running windows 7 64 bit home premium.

Just a few days ago suddenly i notice that when using headphones only the left speaker gives any sound. It's like the right speaker doesn't exist. I emailed acer tech support but they didn't reply and it's been 4 days. The laptop has a hdmi out and a black audio jack with a headphones icon and the letters spdif. I've also tried uninstalling the audio thing in device manager and downloaded the latest drivers, all to no avail.

I just had a hunch that completely wiping the hard disk and reinstalling windows would fix the problem, as it's hard to imagine that the audio jack just died (jiggling it around does not work). So before i do that and before i make a warranty claim, i was thinking someone would be able to show me how to check the relevant settings etc without completely obliterating the current windows installation.

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Game Sounds Come Out Of Speakers Instead Of Headphones

Been using w7 for a while, tried using my headset while gaming. Game sounds come out of computer speakers instead of headphones but i still hear voice through headphones. So i realize this is sort of a complicated question so hopefully someone will know what i'm talking about. I didn't have this problem with xp, specifically it happens when i want to play an online game and use a program like skype.

I'm using a coolermaster cosmos tower and it has the mic and earphone jacks on the front of the case, this is where my headphones are plugged in, same as always. For whatever reason i still get game sounds out of my main computer speakers instead of the computer routing through the headphones. Although weirdly while using skype i hear the other people's voices through my headphones, just not game sound.

I'm not familiar enough with w7 to figure out what the problem is here, i've tried fiddling with the sound settings but i haven't been able to get it right. When i plug the headphones in when music is playing such as itunes it's the same deal, my headphones receive no sound and the music continues to play on my computer speakers.

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Sony Dr-bt50 Bluetooth Headphones

Not sure what's wrong as these headphones were still paired after my vista upgrade. Handsfree seems to connect and all services are checked but nothing shows up in playback devices. When i try to connect under audio tab of bluetooth it tries for a second and bombs. I've tried to delete and re-install the device. All drivers load fine. I have a hp laptop with broadcom and even tried getting their bluetooth update for windows 7 but it fails on 'validate bluetooth device'. All other audio and bluetooth connections like mouse and windows mobile 6. 5 phone are working fine since upgrade.

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Usb Headphones Not Working With Wireless Mouse

I have a problem with my usb headphones teac hp-7d (cm-106). Windows 7 installs drivers correctly and i can get a sound from them. But when i insert my wireless (mouse gigabyte gm-m7700) "dongle" to usb, the sound from my headphones disappears. When i try to run "test sound" under the sound in control panel, the green bars moves only afther 5-6 seconds and by the speed of the move it appears to be much slower then normally. It is doing with default mouse driver too. My computer is notebook sony vaio vpceb1s1e and i have windows home premium. Thanks for your suggestions and advices.

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Creative Sb0490 Usb Sound Blaster External Sound Card

My external sound blaster card sb0490 works on my xp machine. When connected to my windows 7 machine almost everything except creative mediasource player gives the error message "the audio device supported by this application is not detected". The mediasouce player works ok.

The driver is usb_w7drv_lb_1_01_0099. The usb bus controller is "usb composite device" using driver file usbccgp.sys version 6. 1. 7600. 16385 (win7_rtm. 090713-1255). An update search confirms this driver software is up to date. The windows 7 compatibility center reports "information coming soon" for this hardware. Has anybody a solution?

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No Sound But Device Drivers Shows Sound Card

I have no sound and when i click on the control it does not pick it up and the window to trouble shoot shows up. It mentions that it can't detect a problem. I have tried the auto fix dr. With no results. Also when i place the cursor on top of the speaker icon it displays "no audio output device is installed" the sound card under the device managers  that is displayed is "intel (r) high definition audio hdmi". I have been updating drivers and have tried all that is mention on the troubleshooting help icon. I cant figure it out, i need some help please. Thank yo so much for the help. C

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Win 7 No Sound - Creative Sound Card

After upgrading to windows 7 i have had no sound. My system says that there is an onboard audio device, sigmatel high definition audio. Which when checking the sound configuration as suggested by another post, it says it has no problems when troubleshooting, and it has sound going to it (as indicated by the sound meter), however no sound. When i switch to the creative sb x-fi sound card, which is the one that i have sound jacks for, there is no sound going to the speakers.

I have tried disabling the integrated sound card (sigma tel) in the bios as well as in the device manger, no luck on any option. I have downloaded the latest drivers for both the sigmatel and the x-fi, with no luck on either occasion.

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Sound Blaster X-fi Sound Card Not Detected

My pc is just over a year old and works fine in all respects with visa 32 bit. The sound card is a sound blaster x-fi and 5. 1 speakers, 2 gigs of memory and quad core. I shrunk the drive to create a partition etc and installed windows 7 in the new partition ( installed this whilst in vista and not from a boot sequence. Booting from the dvd hung at the blue screen with no options to continue). Anyway the installation went fine and boots in to windows with no problems. Except the sound card was not detected.

Using the original driver disk does not update anything, i.e. Pointing to it whilst in update driver mode. Installing from the disk fails at the drivers part of installation on 15 or so dll's. After which in the sound section it now says no audio devices are installed. Before the installation there was one item in this secion, a spdif icon. There was no sound though even though this item was present. Btw, onboard sound is de-activated in the bios.

Booting into vista form the option screen and all is working fine. Any ideas would be most welcome. I have one other small problem when i try and run an online game (eq) it throws up an error message saying cannot access memory at 0x00000044 and promptly closes down when the ok box is clicked. Other than this i like windows 7.

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No Sound In Ie8 / Sound Quality Issue

For some reason, my computer randomly quits playing sound at all in ie. I can watch youtube silently. No sound on hulu, or any other streaming site. I managed to fix the problem once by uninstalling and reinstalling flash player, but that seems to be unrelated to the actual problem because it's happened again and the solution no longer works. In media player, i get a random crackle every few seconds, just enough to be really frustrating. It's not my speakers: i played the audio through headphones (connected through a separate jack) in order to check. All sound drivers are up-to-date, and the whole system was working fine two days ago. No software changes have been made except for an update to adobe reader.

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Sound Drivers Recognised But No Sound

The install is activated and running perfectly except for there being no sound. The drivers say they are installed, and when there should be sound, i can see the volume activity in the volume slider, but nothing is coming out of the speakers or headphone socket. I have soundmax integrated audio driver on my toshiba qosmio laptop. Everything works fine in xp. I hope someone can shed some light as it's very very frustrating.

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Recorded Tv No Sound But Live Tv Sound

Whenever i record tv it has about a 90% chance of not recording sound. If i can catch it within the first few minutes of recording i would put it to live tv (where there is sound) and hit record, and then it would record with sound.

I have googled looking for the solution to this, and have tried a few things but nothing is working.
I have just one tuner.
I never had any problems with vista or xp just windows 7!

I think it may have something to do with a show that is recording when the computer comes from sleep mode, say if the computer is being used or is not in sleep mode, it will record the sound, maybe if i had 2 shows recording in succession, the second show would record while the first one wouldn't have sound?


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No Sound When Using Sound Blaster Live

I have no issues when using sound blaster live 5. 1 for windows 2000 and windows xp. However, i upgraded windows xp to windows 7, the program couldn't recognize the sound blaster card. Regardless how many times i have downloaded the driver from internet, cd-rom or checking the sound card, there is still no result. I even bought the driver wizard program but it couldn't recognize the sound card either. I hope anyone could give me some suggestions of how to fix this problem.

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Mouse Sound Does Not Go Away

I just purchased a new computer with windows 7 and i used the easy transfer to get my files from the old computer. Once all files were transferred a beep sound started everytime i click the mouse or the system start a new task (i.e. Every click with explorer or any software application). I looked everywhere and unclick computer beep and key sounds but nothing the sound does not go away. It beeps everytime and i am going crazy, can anybody help, i consider myself an advanced computer user but i can not find the solution. I just need the sound to go away.

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No Sound In Win 7

I have just loaded windows 7 on to my acer aspire laptop model 1640, but am getting no sound. I have xp on a separate partition, where the sound works perfectly. I have checked playback feature; all devices are enabled and claim to be working properly, which is not the case. All features of other programs work - just no sound. Acer do not appear to have a windows 7 driver for this model. Is anything available anywhere else ? Many thanks for any help you can offer. The only device shown under sound devices is "high definition audio device". The realtek device which appears in the xp partition is not shown in the windows 7 partition.

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Loss Of Sound

My computer is having the problem recently of randomly losing all sound. Will be running fine but all of a sudden sound is completely lost, everything else continues to run fine and windows 7 won't find any problem, but yeah, no sound coming out. Only way to restore sound is to completely restart computer. I have noticed that it is much more frequent while playing dawn of war 2. Not sure if this is related but it seems to be triggered alot more while that is running, but will still happen (though less often) at any other time. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues or if anyone knows any possible solution

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Cannot Balance Sound

Every audio device since stereo was invented has a left/right balance on the front panel. My hearing is giving out in my left ear and what do you do in windows 7? You hide the sound balance and don't put it in accessibility features! To adjust balance i have to open control panel, open hardware and sound, manage audio devices, click playback tab, click properties, click levels, click balance, and finally adjust it. Let's see, that's 8 steps to do something that has had a front panel knob control since stereo was, how stupid can you get!

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No Sound With Video

It was working yesterday, and today when i woke up i booted my pc and there was no sound all of a sudden. I tried a system restore back to last week and still no sound. I know my speakers work because when i boot my asus g50v laptop the opening is the asus logo and like an explosion (not just a beep). Nothing is muted and you can see it shows that sound is going, but i can not hear it and nothing is coming out of the speakers. See video. Does anyone have any ideas?

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No Sound After Upgrading

I have the same problem with a  hp pavilion dv9700 laptop. The problem arose following one of the win7 updates after the reboot.

I thought that possibly the driver was at fault. Unfortunately it not the driver, it is actually the sound card. The sound card is a "conexant high definition smart audio 221". The problem is that the card is no longer recognized by the computer. I went and chatted with a hp rep, but the files that had me download and install wouldn't install at all. However on another laptop, the same model, functions without problem.

The worst case scenario would be, i thought to uninstall the win7 upgrade and go back to vista, however according to microsoft's web site that can't be done. If i should install a fresh copy of win7, that would not even guarantee that would work.

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Sound Problems

I just installed windows 7 and before i had windows xp. Now after the installation my soundcard does not function i went to manufactures page and got the exact type of sound card i have and installed to but windows still says that theres a problem with this sound device. I ran windows update and tried to apply the fix to the sound card but it failed ive tried to update them but it says there's nothing wrong with this device and its the most current device of its kind. Help me please. I read somewhere on another site that its incompatible if so what do i do to regain sound?

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Sound Issues

I have been having sound issues since, this morning(and before then with same thing, but i rebooted the system as it was only a few days old lolz).

Turned it on and the sound just wont work, at all, for no reason.

A few things i have noticed so far are.

Youtube videos will play, but the video seems to lag, and of course there is no sound.
Playing via itunes will just sit at 0:00 and not move.
Windows audio troubleshoot, thing, didnt seem to find an issue. Fantastic
Restore never seems to work when you need it so i cant try that

I have a hp pavilion dv62030-sa, with idt high definition audio device/codec. Really have no idea why it stopped working, have tryed uninstalling it and re-installing the audio device but same problems as mentioned, not sure what else to give so please ask if you need, not sure what else i can do tho. Really don't want to reboot the whole computer, again, only had for a few months, came with windows 7 64-bit.

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Splitting Sound

So, it was weird: in windows vista you can kinda tweak it to play sound of like a dvd from wmp on your tv through hdmi cable and then be able to play a video and hear the sound of it through your computer. But for some reason i really can't work that for windows 7. Can anybody help me with this problem?

In summary: i want to watch a dvd and hear the sounds from my tv, and play a game on the computer and hear it from the speakers.

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7.1 Surround Sound

When setting up 7. 1 surround sound and performing the speaker test the tones come out of the wrong speakers. I am using hdmi out on an asus p5n7a-vm board using the latest nvidia hdmi audio drivers hooked into an onkyo ht-rc160 receiver. The front left, center, sub, and front right all play fine. However, when the display shows it is playing surround left it comes out of the surround back left. This is true for all of the surround speakers. Back left plays through surround left, back right through surround right, surround right through back right. Any help would be appreciated. I have verified my speaker connections using the amp and all speakers are correct using the receiver speaker test.

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