User Profile Service Logon Failed On Administrator Account

I am the administrator on our family laptop and i keep getting the above message. I can get into the other profiles but i cannot access mine from initial boot or by switching user. I am therefore unable to do the fixes i have read about because it keeps asking for the administrator password before it allows me to make any changes. When i enter the password, it once again tells me that the user profile service service logon has failed. I'm stuck. I tried the microsoft fixit but it didn't do anything.

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User Profile Service Service Failed The Logon - Login Problem

When i return to my computer after being away it says 'locked' under my username. And i think once i logout it keeps me from logging back on. We just last week purchased a dell xps 8000 with windows 7 installed. Some nice features but also it's share of bugs, such as random freezes. And this one; the second day i noticed the word 'locked' next to my username. I am an administrator, if that matters. Some time later i logged out and at my next login i got the error message "user profile service service failed the logon". The end result was that a dell tech. Did a system restore, which got me back up and running. I didn't log off last night and when i first looked at my screen this morning it says 'locked' again by my username. I am working with no problems now but i'm scared to logoff. Why is this happening and what can i do to fix it?

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User Profile Service Failed Logon

I recently upgraded vista hp to w7pro. Fantastic! For 12 days. When i went to logon today i received a frightfully familiar road block. That being the logon failure. O/s functions as should by my account in the guest profile except that when i attempted to access troubleshooting and recovery options i was unable to "run as administrator" anything at all. Just keep getting the logon window popping back up.

-All restore points have vanished and i am 100% certain they were automatic and successful in creation prior to this event.

-Pre/post f keys do not function as they should.

-Received multiple "keyboard error" and freeze up in dos when attempting to boot from disc.
Any guidance is appreciated/.

Unable to logon (user profile service failed the logon) the only/primary administrator account. Unable to "run as administrator" from guest account. How do i work-around ups and/or uac to recover?

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Logon User Profile Service Failed

I have a two week old dell notebook running windows 7 home premium. It has two user profiles, mine, which has administrator rights and my wife's which has standard user rights. Neither is password protected. When i booted up tonight and clicked on my profile i got the message "user profile service failed the logon" and "user profile cannot be loaded". I  have logged on via my wife's account and clicked on manage another account which opens a dialogue box with my, the administrators name, and it wants a password and fails when i don't supply one.

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Error - Service Failed The Logon / User Profile Cannot Be Loaded

I cannot get passed the profile login screen even though i'm typing the correct password it just says: error - the user profile service failed the logon. " User profile cannot be loaded ".

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Hide Administrator Account At Normal Logon

How to hide the built-in administrator account at normal logon? I am now using windows 7 pro at work, and i am trying to recreate the system we had previously on windows xp pro. Namely, i had it set up so that each computer had a standard user account and an admin account. I used the built-in administrator account which is invisible on the normal logon screen - you have to start windows in safe mode to access it.

I have been into advanced user accounts and enabled the administrator account, but it shows up on the standard logon screen - is there any way on 7 to hide this account like it was on xp?

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Logon Service Failed

I have installed windows 7 3 times now and just had to do a system rollback today due to various errors within windows 7. Both home premium, starter and ultimate have all failed at some point. The latest problem appears that 6 ms updates went in (publish date 13th april) and upon reboot, and logging in it says the login service failed to start and then throws you back to the login screen. I had to start up in safe mode, log in and then rollback. I'm getting very frustrated now as the system won't remain stable for more than 1. 5 months before something happens.

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User Account / Local Logon Problem

I have windows 7 pro factory installed on a new computer. Trying to install an old program (genemapper 3. 7) using xp mode, i get the following error message. You have to logon to the local machine. I am the only user on this computer and have full administrator rights. The company said i need to logon with a local account, not a networked account. Is there a way to setup a non-networked account?

Our it person is confused by this, since i am logging onto the local computer. It is connected to the internet, and another novell network, but i do not logon to the novell network and still get the same problem.

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Problem With User Profile Service

There is some problem happening with "user profile service" while my system boots up. There are number of warning and errors queued up in my event log.


Windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible causes of this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile.

Detail - the process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.


Windows detected your registry file is still in use by other applications or services. The file will be unloaded now. The applications or services that hold your registry file may not function properly afterwards.

Detail -

1 user registry handles leaked from registryusers-1-5-21-2959852747-1998884661-1269602043-1000:

Process 2072 (deviceharddiskvolume2program files (x86)norton internet securityengine16. 8. 0. 41ccsvchst.exe) has opened key registryusers-1-5-21-2959852747-1998884661-1269602043-1000

Previously i got a problem while logging into my system that "user profile failed to load" that led me to restore my entire system. After that now this is coming up.

Is this a bug? Anyone faced this before? Any way to fix this?

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User Profile Service Not Working

After installing a new printer and restarting my laptop will not allow me to logon. 'the user profile service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. ' is the error message i'm getting. I've read of similar problems on the forum with people talking about being able to gain access and fix the problem via a safe mode. I am definitely no computer expert and cannot follow the answers given on the forum. Can someone give me some very basic step by step instructions on how to fix this most annoying problem. Its a new laptop and i'm a bit annoyed by this problem!

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User Profile Service - Event Id 1521

I get this error each time i log in. I am a home user with 7 pro, home network, router, dsl modem. There is no server, active directory or wireless connection. Below is the error message from the event viewer, windows logs application.

Windows cannot locate the server copy of your roaming profile and is attempting to log you on with your local profile. Changes to the profile will not be copied to the server when you log off. This error may be caused by network problems or insufficient security rights. Detail - access is denied.

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Computer Crash After Password Logon Service Failed

I cant logon to my laptop. It was telling my password logon service failed, but is now just crash dumping. I have an acer laptop, windows 7 and just got qwest phone service & it started a week ago & would only tell me that my password logon service failed & now for the past couple of days it has been crash dumping & wont even go to the log on screen.

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User Profile Failed To Load

I just added another user profile to my windows 7 pro machine and upon restarting the machine, i find i am locked out, entirely. The error message is: the user profile service failed the logon. The profile cannot be loaded. This happens for both users. Is there a way to recover the old user profile and bag this new one?

I read the post from tina r, back from 2009, but your solution is based on gaining access to the operating system. I have tried starting in safe mode, but the regedit files, in w7, do not clearly indicate which files are the older, bak, files.


I just relaunched the machine again in safe mode and it did allow me to log in. Can i restore my old profile from here?

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How Do I Logon As An Administrator ?

How do i logon as an administrator to perform changes to my computer?

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Users Cannot Logon Unless Given Administrator Rights

Users cant logon unless they have been given administrator rights. After the last windows update, i am the only one that can log on to my user account. All other user accounts that do not have administrator rights can no longer log on. If you attempt to log on to an account that does not have administrator rights it starts to log on, then it logs off, and then goes back to the screen were you choose which user you want to log in as.

If i give the other user to administrator rights they can log on, and everything seems to work fine. But i don't want to give administrator rights to other users just so they can log on (this is a quick and easy way for my kids to mess up my computer). What can i do to fix this?

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User Profile Problem

I have a new computer with windows 7 home premium already installed. I do not have a network, just the one computer. I have set up user accounts for myself and my wife without any problems. However, although my account correctly shows my name, my user profile folder shows my name as "oem". I am wondering if it is safe to change oem to my name. I note that when i access the user profile  folder via the c drive there is a padlock against it but not when i access it via network.

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User Profile Cannot Be Loaded

Yesterday i tried updating my computer with some optional windows updates. I think they were for microsoft live office & microsoft silverlight. I know one wouldn't update (i think the silverlight update), so i turned the computer off. Today when i turn the computer on i keep getting a "user profile service service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded" error. The solutions i've found so far you have to be able to access the start menu, but since the only profile i have on my computer is the admin profile i can't get past the login screen. Any ideas on how to fix this?

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Not Able To Activate User Profile

When signing into my computer i am getting a message as follows: "the user profile service failed the login. User profile cannot be loaded. " Is there a way to fix this problem. The password is correct. I am using windows 7 professional 64 bit operating system. Programs you are having problems with error messages recent changes you made to your computer what you have already tried to fix the problem.

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Xp Mode Logon Connect Failed

I am using windows 7 ultimate and am trying to use the virtual pc mode to login to the xp mode. It has worked in the past, but now i get a login connect failure which reads, "the requested operation cannot be completed because the terminal connection is currently busy processing a connect operation. "

When i click on the ctrl+alt+del tab, nothing happens. I have tried managing the virtual pc tab and restoring, but there are no earlier restore points available. How do i get into the windows 7 xp mode now?

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New User Accounts Fail Logon

I cannot get any new accounts that i set up to log in, they fail with the following message. "User profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded. "Happens with either new admin or standard accounts, my current admin and standard accounts still function. I got out my windows 7 (professional) disc and ran an "upgrade" hoping this would correct whichever file appears to be corrupted, but the issue still remains. I am trying to find a solution that does not involve a new or reformatted hard drive and complete reinstallation, but not to hopeful now. Never had this issue with years on nt and xp. Ny suggestions out there?

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User Profile Loading Problem

I have been getting the error message occasionally "the user profile service service failed the logon, user profile can not be loaded" then i would re-boot and it would load fine.

Today it will not load at all. This is not a temporary user profile, but the only one i have on the computer that i use every day. I have not done any changes to it, in order for it to be acting funny.
Now my computer will not allow me to log in at all (i am on a different computer right now).
Do i need to put the windows 7 disk in and boot from that, and try a repair?

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Pc Wont Let Me Login To My User Profile

The computer wont let me log onto my profile. It is a new e-machine with windows 7. The user profile service service failed the login. User profile cannot be loaded. That is what shows up after i enter the password.

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Assigning Logon Script To Local User

I wrote a c# code that creates new local user

Directoryentry localmachine = new directoryentry("winnt://" + environment. Machinename + ", computer");

Directoryentry group = localmachine. Children. Find("administrators", "group");

Directoryentry user = localmachine. Children. Find(accountname, "user");

Console. Writeline(user. Properties. Tostring());

I tried to set the logon script for that user by doing:
Localmachine. Properties["scriptpath"]. Insert(0, "logonscript. Vbs"); localmachine.commitchanges();

Same with group or user instances. But the property doesn't exist in any of theses instances (localmachine, group or user). I know that because i did:
System.collections. Icollection col = localmachine. Properties. Propertynames;
Foreach (object ob in col) { console. Writeline(ob. Tostring()); }

Any idea of how to do that in other way?

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User Profile Issues - Recurring Problem

Ok. I've been working on this problem for a couple of weeks now, and i can fix it temporarily, but it keeps coming back. My user profile keeps randomly logging into a temp profile until it finally doesn't let me log into it at all. Here are some of the things that i have tried:

1. Reinstall windows - i only had one account and trying to fix it in safe mode wasn't working - it also wouldn't let me create a new profile.

2. Create a new account - i created a new "backup" account as well as a new profile once the issue resurfaced. I copied my personal files over and deleted the old account, being careful about copying any system files. I deleted the old "bad" account through the control panel as well as deleted the registry key for it (according to threads that i read here and elsewhere).

My new account is now having the same problem, and i've run out of solutions. Please help! Here is what the event viewer is telling me:

Log name:      application
Source:        microsoft-windows-user profiles service
Date:          3/8/2010 4:00:36 am
Event id:      1502
Task category: none
Level:         error
User:          mycomputernamemy_user_name
Computer:      mycomputername
Windows cannot load the locally stored profile. Possible causes of this error include insufficient security rights or a corrupt local profile.

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User Profile Not Loading Settings/preferences

On friday 4/23 i went to my computer and my entire user profile appeared to be corrupted. I have my main admin. Account, and my girlfriend has her own user account (not admin). When starting up into my main admin user account, i had an error message for settings.ini being used by a different process. My other problems are as follows:

- All app icons pinned to taskbar became icons of blank pages
- My gadgets do not appear on the desktop.

- When trying to access windows help and support, i get what looks like a .txt stating: "windows help and support encountered a problem you might be able to resolve the problem by restarting
Windows help and support. " Restarting does nothing.

- Any searches i attempt, both in the windows explorer bar at the top right or in the search field in the start menu return 0 results any time i search.

- Many icons when clicked either do nothing (i.e. Firefox) or give me an error message along the lines of "not able to load critical files for this application to run. Specifically skype. When trying to open mediamonkey, for example, i get an error saying "the directory c:users[my girlfriend's user profile]appdatalocalmediamonkey cannot be created. " Something along these lines happened with a different application, notifying me that it was not able to access c:users[girlfriend's profile name]appdatalocal[etc].

- Google chrome is not able to read nor write to its original location, and forces me to choose another. It does not save this state and asks me each time i try to load it. Also, all bookmarks and settings/prefs. Have disappeared.

- Many different applications act as if it is the first time i open them, each time i open them. No settings, preferences, or history is saved after the application is closed. After doing a significant amount of searching and very basic diagnostics, i believe what has happened is that my user profile is attempting to read all preferences and settings from my girlfriend's user account.

When logging onto her account, i have absolutely no problems with accessing the same applications i have troubles with on my account. I seem to have no personal preferences nor changes i have made to my account saved. Or if they are saved, they are in my c:users[my account]appdata[etc] and they are
Not being read by the service that reads preferences in windows.

I have gone into msconfig and disabled all non-ms services, as well as trying to enable all startup items, and disable all startup items. The problem still persists.

Does anyone have any insights to this issue? How might i direct windows to read my preferences and settings from my user account and not default to another - if that is indeed what is going on here.
I feel it would be good to note that on thursday night near midnight my girlfriend downloaded yahoo messenger. When i went to her user account there were several (appx. 40) photos of a blonde girl, some pornographic in nature, that were sitting directly on the desktop.

When checking the properties of the photos, they were created on friday morning around 3-4:00am she denies all knowledge of these photos. There is a chance, i suppose, that i was hacked through ym and the pics were downloaded then, and something malicious was done to my settings. I ran malwarebytes and my avg internet security virus/malware scans and nothing was detected on my machine.

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Problem After Fixing A Corrupted User Profile

Today i followed the ms directions for fixing a corrupted user profile for windows 7 (, which was recommended to resolve certain issues with ms office failing to update. After following the instructions and logging into the new profile (after copying the indicated files from the old profile), i receive the following error message when i try to open explorer or anything that invokes explorer (documents, control panel, pictures, etc. ):  "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file.

You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item. "Some other apps open normally, such as word (although it opened as a new install, stepping me through initial setup), but other apps throw a variety of errors. The error does not occur in other user profiles, including the old profile. I'd appreciate any help.

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User Profile Not Found, Shortcuts Disappeared

Have new computer running windows 7. I was logged on last night, logged off for about 15 minutes, tried to log back in and it told me that my user profile could not be found. We had another administrator profile already created soi just created a new one but why can't it find the old one? I checked if any updates were done during that period i was logged aff and there was: definition update for microsoft security essentials kb972696 (definition 1. 77. 190. 0).could that update be the reason?
Also, the other administrator that could still log in had all shortcuts removed from their desktop. The one user who is not an administrator did not seem to have any changes made to their desktop.
Any suggestions for getting my original user profile back?

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Missing Administrator Account

During setup of a new computer with windows 7, i created two user account, selecting both as administrators. Today while trying to move a program i got a message stating that i can't perform the action because i don't have administrator privileges. I went to control panel, user accounts and family safety, add or remove user accounts.

Under the names on the icons, the word administrator is displayed, but when i click on a user account and then on change the account type, both users have the radio button next to standard user lit. I try to move it to administrator, but the change account type button becomes grayed (probably because i am not viewed as an administrator. So why did the user accounts change mysteriously to standard user and how can i get them administrator rights when i don't see any other user on startup.

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User Account Name

I just installed win 7 home premium from using the win 7 ultimate rc. I backed up my files on the old system where the user name was "old". When i installed win 7 home premium i named it "new". Now when i restored my data, under the "users" folder the restore program created a folder "old" with all of my data there. How do i set my system up so that all of my data is under the "new" user account, or at least tell my system to look in the "old" user folder?

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Easy Transfer With Xp Administrator Account

I have an old computer running xp. I have  new computer running windows 7. I want to use easy transfer to move files from the old computer to the new. I have the tornado usb cable for easy transfer. I have one account on each computer. On my old machine this is called "administrator" and it has administrator privileges. In order to move files smoothly with easy transfer i understand that the accounts it moves the files from/to must be named the same. On my new computer, it won't let me create or rename an account to administrator because it says one already exists.

However this "already exists" account doesn't show up in the list of users on the new machine. I'm afraid that if i use easy transfer as is, it will move my old files into the hidden "administrator" account on my new machine and i won't be able to use them. I don't care what the name of the account is on my new machine, i just want to get it up to the level of functionality of my old machine as painlessly as possible. I have considered renaming my old machine account away from "administrator" but am concerned that this might cause other problems.

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