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I have installed a windows 7 ultimate n x64 trial version, which doesn't contain windows media player 12, after all the drivers were installed i found out that the performance information and tools cannot work. When i click the rate button, a frame popped up and says, "the windows experience index for your system could not be computed. Cannot complete the requested assessment.

This system does not have the necessary multi-media support to run the requested assessment. " I wander whether it has something to do with the wmp12. But there is no relative options in windows features and i also cannot find any downloading site. I have installed other multi-media softwares like kmplayer, but it didn't work. Can you help me?

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Performance Information And Tools Not Working

I just done a clean install of windows 7 ultimate 64-bit and installed latest nvidia, creative drivers no yellow boxes left in device manager. However i cant run the performance information and tools rating system, it gets right to then then says it wont complete because of a driver or component, os etc issue. Anyone else having the same problem, am concerned because of gaming the creative and nvida driver are the latest release (not beta) for the relevant product, bios is also upto date.

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Task Scheduler Under Administrator Tools

When i go into the task scheduler a message box appears which states "task background configsurveyor: the task image is corrupt or has been tampered with", when you click on the ok button it disappears, but it is comes up everytime you go into task scheduler. There no error code. I found a blogger who had a similar problem, but the instruction to fix it was for windows vista. I tried to follow the instructions and could not find the 'user_feed_synchronization' so i stopped. Is there a fix for windows 7 home edition, 32bit

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Pro Tools Le 7.4 Isn't Working

I am a total noob to computers. Basically, i had windows vista (ultimate) and i installed pro tools le 7. 4 from the digidesign website (free no cost upgrade from 7. 3). I don't remember what happened, but it (the pro tools application) didn't even come up. What did was 'pro tools application has stopped working. Windows is checking for a solution to the problem. ' i've recently got windows 7 and the same problem is happening. I now get error code 0xc0000005 and it says the thing closed.

I've reinstalled numerous times, run it in many different compatibility modes, run it as administrator nothing. I have the system requirements. Pro tools le 7. 4 is just not coming up on my windows 7 os! I can't find the problem! Could it be a virus? My antivirus software blocking it? What do i do to take a shot at fixing this?

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Pc Tools Internet Security Damaged In Win 7

I uninstalled pc tools internet security and now windows 7 says it is not genuine, tried to reactivate by entering my product key in the systems screen and will not activate saying there is a problem. Stay away from pc tools internet security.

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Installing Driver For Ati Tray Tools Problem

O. S. Refuses to install driver for ati tray tools in win 7 64. How to? Read "a question about driver signing", so i don't hold out a lot of hope about getting this o. S. To work properly, but if anybody knows a convenient hack, please pass it on.

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Cannot Find Microsoft Office Tools & Picture Manager

I have windows 7 that was pre-installed on new hp pavilion 6240 pc but can not find microsoft office picture manager nor office tools on the programs installed. When i try to print pictures to a hp photosmart premium printer, i get this message "printing error, selected print size is too large for the current paper size. I also get a message "hp mediasmart photo main program has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. " I have never been notified and the problem still exists.

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Computer Performance / Speed

Before i switched to 7, i was running xp with little problems. I was able to play most of my online games at the highest settings with minimal video lag and a ping of around 60. I was also able to run crysis , crysis: warhead , and crysis wars on the "high" setting (setting levels from lowest to highest are: "low", "medium", "high", "very high") with a few of the options on "very high". But now with windows 7, i can't play any of my online games without having a ping of at least 200 and i can't even run crysis or any of the other crysis series games listed before on "low" or any other setting.

In addition, with xp my hard drive that i use for everything other than the os (games, programs like audacity, videos, pictures, etc. ) Was about 3/4 full, and with windows 7 the drive that is serving the same purpose has 218 gigabytes free of 414 gigabytes and my hard drive that has the os on it has 29. 6 gigabytes free of 50. 6 gigabytes. I have no idea what is going on. I have a legitimate copy of the os, my friend has windows 7 as well and isn't experiencing these problems, and isn't windows 7 supposed to make your pc run more efficiently?

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Slow Internet Performance

I've just received a new computer with windows 7 installed. It's running a d-link dwa 510 wireless network adapter to connect to a netgear modem/router. I have xp installed on my laptop connecting to the same modem/router and have no performance issues.

However, on my windows 7 pc the internet is running dreadfully slow. For example it took 15 minutes to load the home page. I would really appreciate some advice on what could be wrong with either internet explorer 8 or with my network connection.

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Xp Mode Performance Problem

The performance of my windows xp mode virtual machine is terrible. It seems to freeze for a fraction of a second (occasionally longer) every 1-2 seconds. Ask manager provides very little indication of which process is causing it, and it itself is consumes 20-40% of the cpu. I've:

    Increased the vms ram to 1gb
    Disabled integration features
    Reduced xps visual effects to best performance
    Stopped using aero in the host environment
    Disabled networking
    Closed all applications in the host environment
    Defragmented the host drives
    Disconnected the host from the virtual machines shared drives the only apps installed on my vm are:
    Visual studio .net 2003
    Eset nod32 anti-virus
    Beyond compare
    Active reports

And the weirdest thing of all. I decided to create a whole new vm and during the creation of the new vm hdd, the original vm began behaving itself. I canceled the creation and it started misbehaving again. Then i started creating another vm and it started behaving again. It's as if activity in the host environment improves its performance.

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Xp Mode - Getting More Than 16-bit Graphics Performance

In xp mode, is it possible to get more than 16-bit graphics performance? I've been looking all over, but i can't find any documentation on updating something like the virtual video driver.

My system:

Gateway p7805u with windows 7 ultimate x64
Intel p8600 core 2 duo
4 gb ram
Nvidia 9800m gts with 1 gb vram

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Slow Performance In Uninstalling Programs

I was trying to uninstall a 3rd party program using "programs and features" in the control panel. It used to be called "add/remove programs" in winxp. I highlighted the program i wished to uninstall, and clicked "uninstall". That little progress circle that goes around and around drove me crazy and i waited for about 10 minutes for the os to gather "configuration information" about the program to be uninstalled. In disgust, i finally clicked "cancel" to abort the operation. Is this typical performance for windows 7? If it is, what is microsoft thinking about this is outrageous if i am doing something wrong or incorrectly, please enlighten me. This can't be right.

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Wmi Provider Host Performance Issue

When i went to the performance information and tools applet from the control panel, under the "performance issues" section, there was a notice that there was a program causing my (relatively new) system to start slowly. Clicking on it, the message on the dialog box reads "these startup programs are causing windows to start slowly. Name: wmi provider host, filename: wmiprvse.exe, etc. " And it also says that the time taken is 23. 3 seconds-obviously a significant cut.

My problem is, i'm not familiar with what the wmi provider host is, so i'm not sure that i want to remove it from startup. Googling it, i can find lots of information concerning it, but very little actually explaining what it is, or if there's any harm in removing it from startup.

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Warning Message - Use A High Performance Ac Adapter

Occasionally i get a pop up warning me that to get better performance i should connect to a high performance ac adapter. I click on the "x" to close the pop up and it opens up again within seconds. (Repeat ad nauseam) i found that if i unplug the ac adapter and run the battery down a little before plugging the ac adapter back into the laptop, then this annoying warning message goes away. I can't find a setting to stop this warning from popping up. I'm using the ac adapter that came with the laptop and am satisfied with the power performance. How do i shut off and prevent this unnecessary pop up warning message?

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Media Center 1080i Live Tv Poor Performance

I have just installed an avermedia avertv duet hd tuner in my pc so i could watch live tv (over the air with an antenna). In windows media center any station broadcasting at 720p or lower comes through perfectly smoothly, but whenever i go to a 1080i station, the video often drops frames, stutters, develops artifacts, etc. I've tested watching tv with another product (beyondtv), and the 1080i stations come through fine, so it would appear to be an issue with wmc. Does anyone have any suggestions for improving performance of 1080i live tv in wmc? 

Setup details:
Amd athlon x2 240 (2. 8ghz)
2gb ddr2 1066 ram
640gb 3gbps sata hard drive
Avermedia avertv duet hd tuner (for over-the-air atsc reception)
Windows 7 professional
Gigabyte ga-ma785gm-us2h with radeon hd 4200 integrated graphics

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Slow System Performance After Resuming From Sleep Mode

I am getting a slow system performance after resuming the computer from sleep mode. Using windows 7 professional steps tried already: 1. Updated the nvidia display card drivers. 2. Disabled the third party services and startup items. 3. Put the computer in the complete hardware clean boot, all hardware devices disabled through the device manager including the lan card, sound card, ports etc. 4. Put the power plans to balanced. 5. Now trying to use the process monitor to check the processes which are running and not working fine when resuming from the sleep mode. Any other help would be appreciated.

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Win 7 Runs Slower With Decreased Performance Over Time

I've used windows for the majority of my life, and this affects -at least- since windows xp (cannot recall correctly previous versions, i was just a user without any cool knowledge). Simple version: windows never improves it's performance. By the contrary, every second that passes, it runs slower and slower. I currently have a good bunch of software installed on my windows 7 machine (office, msn, filezilla, zend studio, eclipse, enterprise architect, vmware, mathematica, matlab, eve online, heroes of newerth, trackmanianations, teamspeak, sony vegas, plus some others). All tested software, with thousands of users each.

I am not a install-everything user, and i only install what i absolutely need to use. What happens (to everyone, i believe), is that windows will run slower, and slower, and slower over time, and i need to format it regularly (2 times a year, at least - my record was 5). I installed windows 7 in september and it is very slow, and very unstable (refer to other of my threads).

This does not happen with my linux installations, which i use for programming and debugging, nor my osx laptop, but happens with every windows pc i see. Since windows is very expensive and i am currently supporting some licenses, i would like at least some solution to my problem, that doesn't involve "format it every couple of months to keep it running smoothly".

Brief computer specs:

Cpu: intel q6600
Memory: kingston ddr2 800mhz
Disk: 2x10krpm 74gb (24gib/138gib free)

Connected: usb mouse, usb keyboard, usb external hdd, usb external sound card this configuration has remained pretty much the same since the beginning, so no new-devices-every-day party.

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Signing In Information

Recently i occurred very weird problem which i havent found any solution to: my ie8 doesn't remember any signing in, i get disconnected from every forum/email/other sites require loging in every few hours. I always mark the "remember me" option, but nothing happens, i need re-type the username and password. However the login information is remembered , i mean when i click the username bar i get a list of used usernames.

I've been told its related to cookies saving.

Well, the inprivate options is disabled.
I dont use ccleaner software.
History is kept for 20 days.
Security is set to medium-high.
Privacy is set to medium.
I dont delete my cookies in any way im aware of.

Im using windows xp home, sp3 nod32 as my anti-virus.

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Product Key Information

I have learnt that if i am purchasing the windows 7 edition (anyone from home premium), then i get two dvds for installation of windows including one product key - now, by two dvds, i mean to say that one dvd carry the 32 bit version of windows and other the 64 bit one ! So, i wish to ask that the product key used for activation is same for either 32 bit or 64 bit version of windows, or both version (32 bit and 64 bit) would require a separate product key. Of course, if i am only activating any of the one version at a time.

In short is the product key for version 32 bit & 64 bit is same or not ?

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Cannot Access System Information

I have an acer aspire laptop that worked ok until a month ago. Started with every time i turned of my computer it started to do automatic updates that took about 30 min. And then when i turn it back on it tells me that the updates were not correctly installed. So i tried to access windows update to check and then realized that it wont open. I click on the symbol for windows update and a window comes up and closes before you can click on anything. Same happens when i try to access my system information, click on the symbol and a window comes up and closes. What can i do?

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Cannot Track My Shipment Information

I got a email from acer regarding the shipment of my windows 7 home premium upgrade. But i have not been able to view the tracking details for the past whole week though in the email they had specified that i won't be able to view it within 1-2 business days. I contacted their customer service twice but they said they will reply me back in 10 days time. What should i do next? Will i even receive or no? I reside in qatar. Had ordered for the upgrade through acer's website and they have shipped it through tnt express.

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Cannot Find Information On Error In Ie

I am really lost here. I recently started getting error in page loading on ticket-masters web site. I try and buy tickets to an event, and when i click on a particular show, the page header (name of act, date and venue) comes up, but then below it several boxes should open allowing you to select ticket price, amount of seats etc, but it stays blank, when i click on the yellow error triangle, this is the error message, and for the life of me i cannot figure out whats wrong.

There are 2 pcs connected to the same router, only one works and the other ends with this error:  added> i am using ie8 on this pc now but i uninstalled it and tried ie7 and did same thing, so now i loaded ie8 back-still same issue.

Webpage error details
User agent: mozilla/4. 0 (compatible; msie 8. 0; windows nt 5. 1; trident/4. 0; antivirxp08; .net clr 3. 0. 04506. 648; .net clr 3. 5. 21022; .net clr 2. 0. 50727; .net clr 3. 0. 4506. 2152; .net clr 3. 5. 30729; .net clr 1. 1. 4322)
Timestamp: tue, 24 nov 2009 19:46:47 utc
Message: 'popup' is undefined
Line: 24
Char: 1
Code: 0

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Information On An Operating System

What is windows automotive vs windows ce.

Is windows automotive a development platform built ontop of ce?
Is windows automotive a os all to itself but built on ce?

Pioneer's avic z110bt usb can only read up to 16 gigs of memory, except the ipod which it will read unlimited amounts of data. Is this a hardware issue with the unit? None of their previous units had this problem and this is their brand new flagship model. This system recently switched to the windows automotive 5. 5 os, all other models used windows ce. Is there anything about windows automotive that could explain this?

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Win 7 X64 Information Needed

I downloaded and ran windows 7 upgrade advisor to see if my system was able to support windows 7. It said that my system could support windows 7 x86 and x64. I am thinking of getting windows 7 full version and needed to know if i do a clean install can i get x64 and have it format the hard drive and let it remove what the factory recovery discs put on my system and then proceed with the installation.

Also i am planning to upgrade my system soon and if i already own a retail copy of the full version of windows 7 can i put it on the new system if i put my current system back to the way it was when i got it out of the box (meaning if i use the recovery discs that came with my current system). Also, are the system requirements for windows 7 x86 and x64 the same for hard drive space, ram, and processor or are the different. If they are the same for vista home premium x86 (before sp1 came out - i got my system before the release of sp1) then i am fine.

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Retrieve Information Of A Closed Blog

In the last few weeks, i've been reading the development of a blog in a forum without subscribing me. As of today, the blog was closed. Is there any way i could possibly retrieve the blog itself at the time of his last update (before the closing). When i try to visualize the blog, a message says: "the subject or message does not exist". I precise that i have tried to retrieve, from the 'history', the visited pages as of yesterday, but i couldn't find any as, probably, the 'history' was setted to delete the visited web pages on a daily basis.

I do not know much about technical details (i'm just a internet user), however my logic tells me somehow that even if my past visited web pages would have been still visible in the 'history', would have not anyway shown the information present at the time the blog was still active. Even if ignorant on such matter, something tells me that there must be the way in internet to search (probably by date) for the last version of the blog before its closing, but just don't know how to do this. Am i right or there is no way for me to retrieve such information?

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Game Information In Games Window

The games window is a pretty nice feature of vista. And since service patch 2 my customizations are no longer being 'forgotten' which has resulted with me actually using the games window.

A nice thing about the games window is how it automatically organizes and groups games based on genre. For example, the game oblivion gets nicely tucked away in the 'role-playing' category. Warcraft 3 finds its way into the 'strategy' category. Windows does this automatically. It's helpful.

However, i can't find any way to change how vista organizes these games in the event i feel vista hasn't categorized a game properly. For example, quake 3 sits in the category called 'unspecified. ' i assume that perhaps since this is an older game vista can't find information about it to properly categorize it. Is there a way that i can categorize it? I've tried drag and dropping the icon for quake 3 to the 'action' category but that doesn't work.

A more recent title that doesn't properly categorize itself is a role-playing game called drakensang. Currently drakensang sits in the 'unspecified' category. I'd like to re-categorize this as well but i can't seem to find a way to do it.

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Libraries And Winrar Show Different Information

I have win 7 64bit and winrar 3. 93 installed when i go to extract a archive through winrar the winrar dialogue box opens and when i click on the library folder i have duplicate folders listed, it would appear the the higher level in the folder is missing example in libraries i have:-

Folders 2010general - 2010letters
Folders 2009general - 2009letters
When listed in winrar it misses out the year and displays like this
Folders letter
Folders letter
So i can't see what folder is the correct year. Annoying

Any ideas?

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Win 7 Installation Information Transfer To A New Pc

With the rc running out on march 1 i'm purchasing retail copies of windows 7. Two computers are newer and will be fine but my daughter's computer is older but runs 7 fine. If i install windows 7 now, will i be able to reinstall after i replace the motherboard, memory and processor in several months?

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Delete File In System Volume Information

I had a hardware failure last week, which resulted in a new installation of windows 7. However i'm left with a 220gb file in system volume information on a storage drive.

I'd like to delete it, but i don't have permission, nor do i seem to be able to give myself permission to do it.

It's likely the result of a previous backup - however i have subsequently changed my backup procedure and i'm absolutely sure that this does not contain any data that i would like preserved.

Given that it's such a large file, i want it gone.

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How Do I Stop Ie8 Saving Login Information?

Ie8 apparently automatically saves login details for saved sites without prompting the user if this is desired. The login details are saved and will be used if the original url is visited again so long as a t least one broswer windo has been open since the last visit.

For example
I log on to etrade and sign is with my userid

And password. I then open a second browser window after checking account details on the etrade window i close it leaving the msn window still open. If i start the etrade url again, even a few days later, i am not prompted for login info just directed straight into account status. This will happen as long as i have at least one browser window open.

As soon as i close all the browser windows the cache is apparently cleared as i am prompted for user id and password if i open the url again. If i log out of the site before closing the account window the cache is apparently flushed for that url, however most people, myself included, would believe that just closing the window is the equivalent of logging off.

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