Hardware Reserved Memory

I recently purchased a 2 gb sodimm for my laptop and ran into an issue with it knowing i now have 4gb but only being able to use 3gb. I did a search here on the forums and came to the conclusion that chances of me un allocating this is slim to none because of my bios not having any updates and not having the various bios based options to fix it. I got alot of the info from this thread


So my question is:

Is this bad? What i mean is, the 1gb of ram being hardware reserved is that practically wasted? Is it so useless that i should try and return the stick for a 1gb and save $20bucks. This of course would result in a 2gb and a 1gb match up which isn't optimal.

Please let me know your opinion, i got my stick from crucial memory and they have various warranty setups that i might be able to get it replaced but i don't know if they cover return costs. I am un-employed atm and even though 20-25 bucks isn't a lot, i should not pay for something that has no purpose.

Computer information:

Windows 7 ultimate 64bit
Phoenix bios
Gateway m685-e (discontinued)(no support)
Intel core duo cpu t7400 2. 17ghz
4. 00gb (3. 00 usable)

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Hardware Reserved Physical Memory

I have two pc. The first one is dell precision t3400 core 2 quad with 4gb ram. Diplay card is a nvidia quadro fx580 512mb. Windows 7 pro 32bit. Second pc is a self assembled i5 650 with 4gb ram. Display card is a nvidia geforce 8400 gs 512mb. Windows home premium 64bit.

I can't do rendering using artlantis render v2 on the dell system. The application either crash or freeze. There is no problem what so ever on the other system. From my observation, the dell system cannot go beyond 1. 7gb during rendering but on the i5 it went over 2gb without any problem.

Is this because of the 32bit and 64bit operating system?

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4105 Mb Of 8gb Ram Assigned To Hardware Reserved

4105 mb of 8gb ram assigned to "hardware reserved" with 64-bit windows 7, why? And how do i fix it?I managed to run out of memory today with only firefox and ms publisher running. Given that i invested in 8gb of ram and a 64-bit operating system, this was completely unexpected. I've verified that the system type is 64-bit operating sytem and can see installed memory (ram) 8. 00 gb (3. 99 gb usable).

Given how much on-board memory is on both my cpu and gpu, it seems like very little memory should be "hardware reserved". What might be causing this issue and how can i investigate it? Searches on the internet all just talked about how 32-bit windows couldn't read the other memory, but i don't have 32-bit windows.

System info:intel core i7 860, 2. 8 ghz8192 mb ocz platinum ddr3 1600 mhz ram (ocz3p1600lv2g) in 4 sticks of 2gb ea, installed in matched pairs asus p7p55d pro mobo (which i despise and predict this is some retarded bios issue or raid 0 issue - running version 1207 bios (12/7/2009))evga geforce gtx 260, factory super-clocked at 602 mhz with 896 mb memory (the gpu is older than the above hardware)2 150gb western digital raptor 10, 000 rpm hdds running in raid 0

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System Reserved Partition On Raid Array

Raid problem:
Mother board: asus p5ql-e.
Port 0 - 500 gb seagate system drive - non raid
Port 1 - 500 gb seagate drive - raid
Port 2 - 500 gb seagate drive - raid
Port 3 - 1tb western digital - non raid

The raid drives were set up in bios as raid 1 (mirrored), and windows 7 installed on the system drive. The intel matrix storage console was installed, and showed volume 0 as 100 gb and volume 1 as 465. 7 gb. I did not set up two volumes in the raid management shows that disk 1 has a "system reserved" 100 mb healthy (system, active, primary partition), and 99. 90 gb unallocated. Disk 2 is 365. 76 gb unallocated.

My problem is that i can not use these two drives. It may be possible to set them as non raid (i have not tried this), since i bought them to use as raid 1. It seems obvious that i need to delete the "system reserved" partition, but have been unable to do so. Does anyone have any suggestions? If this partition must exist somewhere on the system, can it be moved to another drive?

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Cf Card Only Shows System Reserved Partition When Plug Into Card Reader

My company uses industrial computers for controlling equipment. These computers use 16gb cf for hard drives with windows 7. If i remove the cf and plug it into my laptop using a card reader, all i see are the files on the system reserved partition. The other partition which holds the windows 7 files is blank. If i put the cf back in the industrial computer all of the files are visible. Any ideas on why i can't see the files thru the reader? Thanks for the assistance.

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Error - Cannot Read Memory - The Memory Could Not Be Written

I keep getting this error on opening internet explorer version 6 , 7 or 8, the instruction at 0x100073f3 referenced memory at 0x100073f3, the memory could not be written, how do i fix this.

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Repartition Memory Stick / Memory Card

How to repartition a memory stick or a memory card? So, i bought an 8 gb memory card and figured i could create a couple or a few partitions on it; perhaps exfat and fat32 ones. I fired up the disk management program only to find out that the flash memory disk has the shrink/extend/delete volume controls greyed out. I did manage to shrink the volume using the disk-part command line program but couldn't use it either for creating new volumes.

Where does this seemingly ridiculous and pointless restriction stem from? I only found a couple of instructions on how to partition a memory stick using some shady third party programs.

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Installed Memory Versus Available Memory

I have installed windows 7 64 bit as a clean install on a second disk in a system with windows vista 32-bit running on the 1st disk. The install went fine, and the system is running well. However, when i check the system resources i am told that there is 4 gb of memory installed but only 3. 49 gb available. Is this because i have the windows vista disk in the system. The mbr shows both systems are bootable, and the windows boot file and winload.exe are located on the vista disk drive.

This leads me to believe that i have inherited the 32-bit memory restriction on windows vista. On another system, a new laptop that came with windows 7 64bit pre- installed, also with 4 gb memory, the system resources show that there is 4 gb of memory, without any restriction on what is available.

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Hardware Upgrade

I'm wanting to upgrade my computer significantly. I plan on replacing the motherboard and graphics card. From what i've heard, changing out the motherboard to a new one makes windows think it's a brand new computer, and thus wants a reinstall of windows. Is this true? I'd prefer not to have to buy another copy of windows 7 ultimate 64. I have no idea if microsoft is in the business of allowing reactivation of a copy of 7 (i imagine not) or if they'd reissue me a new key (big maybe, i'm guessing).

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Hardware Not Recognized

I have a simple tech 250 signature mini external hard drive (which is compatible just to plug in and use according to microsoft)that is not working on my new dell studio laptop, the harddrive works on all other computers in my house hold with out windows 7. Been surfing last 3 days on net to try and fix the problem since all my important files from old desktop are on it, thing i have tried :

Updated all drivers that i know about
Updated bios off
Updated 3 different chipset versions
Tried simple tech for drivers but only have a version for windows 98
Unplugged battery and power supply

Updated windows various times even trying optional updates i thought would affect it. Tried small 2g usb drive and it worked properly, also mouse i am using currently

Note: when drive gets plugged in red light comes on and starts running properly, not a power supply issue. I go to device manager and its there but listed as unknown device, i update drivers and it says all drivers are up to date or not needed for device, the disk is not recognized in disk management.

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Hardware Acceleration

I have recently bought a new packard bell pc with windows 7 and a geforce gt240m graphics card.
I need to run a graphics application on it that requires reduced hardware acceleration to run at all
It has been running ok on my old win xp pc where i have been able to adjust the accelerator in the display settings. When i go to the display settings in win7 and find the troubleshoot tab, the change settings button is dimmed. I have been in contact with nvidia and they say that adjusting hardware acceleration is not possible at all in win 7. Is that right?

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Graphics Hardware Error

Whenever i've been playing graphically intense games like oblivion or allods online i'll sometimes get a "graphics hardware error". It started about a month ago and even newer/older drivers does not seem to effect it. Does anyone know what may be causing the problem?

Below is my system information, my graphics card model and the error information in that order:

Os name microsoft windows 7 ultimate
Version 6. 1. 7600 build 7600
Other os description not available
Os manufacturer microsoft corporation
System type x64-based pc
Processor intel(r) core(tm) i7 cpu 920 @ 2. 67ghz, 2668 mhz, 4 core(s), 8 logical processor(s)
Bios version/date american megatrends inc. 0106, 15/07/2009
Smbios version 2. 5
Hardware abstraction layer version = "6. 1. 7600. 16385"
Installed physical memory (ram) 6. 00 gb
Total physical memory 5. 99 gb
Available physical memory 4. 19 gb
Total virtual memory 12. 0 gb
Available virtual memory 9. 81 gb
Page file space 5. 99 gb
Page file c:pagefile.sys

Nividia geforce gtx 285

A problem with your video hardware caused windows to stop working correctly.

Problem signature
Problem event name: livekernelevent
Os version: 6. 1. 7600. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1
Locale id: 2057

Files that help describe the problem

View a temporary copy of these files
Warning: if a virus or other security threat caused the problem, opening a copy of the files could harm your computer.

Extra information about the problem
Bccode: 117
Bcp1: fffffa8009614010
Bcp2: fffff88010d1fa20
Bcp3: 0000000000000000
Bcp4: 0000000000000000
Os version: 6_1_7600
Service pack: 0_0
Product: 256_1

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Hardware Upgrade Issue

I upgraded my motherboard and memory and now can not boot windrows 7 to reactivate. I realize this is deeper than a activation issue. Is there a way to remove previous hardware information, perhaps in the registry (i assume i will have to put the hard drive in a computer similar to my past hardware), so i can boot and reactivate windows 7? Is there a safe reinstall method for windows 7? I am not afraid to alter the registry as long as i know what i am looking for and naturally backup before making changes.

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Video Hardware Error

I've had my sony vgn-nw for about 7 months now and this is the first time this has ever happened. I was watching an old episode of the office and suddenly got a blue screen.

-  I've seen this episode before from start to finish, using the same media player
-  When i restarted, i went to watch the same part of the episode where it crashed, and the blue screen didn't come back.

This one incident has got me worried though. Is this something i should now be expecting to happen again?  And if so, can it be fixed by restoring my windows version to a previous version or by reformatting.

When the laptop restarted, it showed the error message, but i clicked check later. I'm using windows 7 and this is the oly info i can find on the crash.

Problem: video hardware error
Files that help describe the problem:


Warning: if a virus or other security threat caused the problem, opening a copy of the files could harm your computer. View a temporary copy of these files windows

Problem: shut down unexpectedly
Files that help describe the problem:


View a temporary copy of these files
Warning: if a virus or other security threat caused the problem, opening a copy of the files could harm your computer.

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Defining Hardware Access

I'm looking for a way to modify the permission an application has to the lpt1 port. Here's the issue: when running an application that uses the lpt1 port to control external devices, i get an error that is certainly an access issue as the error say access is denied. This is the problem when i run the program under my user id, which is a system admin account.
If i start the application as administrator, it works fine. How do i modify the access to allow the application access to the lpt1 port without always running as administrator? Should be simple, but i'm new to windows 7.
Fwiw, i am a network engineer so, consider my skill as somewhat more advanced than the average bear.

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Xp Mode Hardware Virtualization

Is there a version of microsoft virtual pc that does not require hardware-virtualization? I have a brand new computer which does not support hardware-virtualization. All i had heard was that you needed to upgrade to windows 7 pro but when i go to run it i get the message about "needing hardware assisted virtualization". After doing some research i find out that this computer does not have the right processor. Can i just upgrade the processor to get this to work or does the motherboard come into play on this also?

Whatever happened to virtual pc 2007? That did not require hardware virtualization. Is there a more current version of that software. That is the last time i listen to the best buy guys led me wrong on that one. Now i am out the cost of the pro upgrade.

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Safely Remove Hardware

I am using windows 7. In the past few weeks when i connect my pen drive to the usb port. After using, i use the safely remove hardware feature, upon the message " your hardware is safe to remove" appear, the led of my pen drive will turn off which indicate it is safe for me to remove. However, ever since 2 weeks ago, even the , message "your hardward is safe to remove" appear, the led of my pen drive still on and i am worry is the safely remove hardware working well for my win/ pc?

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Hardware Failure After Install

So a while back a friend of mine installed windows 7 and it was amazing. Very impressive. But after a week or 2 the video card went sour and then i'm assuming the mother board died. This laptop worked gloriously on xp and i can safely say that windows 7 destroyed it. I have installed windows 7 on both of my own computers and they both have been working flawlessly. There must have been a hiccup in the installation.

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Cannot Activate After Hardware Upgrade

About 4 months ago i migrated, reinstalled win 7 and went from 32 bit to 64 bit to see how well it worked. When i re-activated, from win 7 32 to win 7 64 bit i mentioned that if it worked well fro me i sould be getting a new motherboard and hard drive. That time arrived and i upgraded my motherboard, video card and hard disk. I installed win 7 64 bit on my new hard disk, but, now i need to re-activate it. The online will not allow me to.

The phone number 1-888-725-1047 tells me to say "continue" for help but after about 15 seconds it returns and says that no help is available. I have tried this number in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. All the same responses. I have just two weeks to get this activated or i loose everything.

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Setting Up Hardware Raid Under Win7

Setting up a hardware raid under windows 7, with a separate system disc for system and programs (non raid) and 3 disc hardware raid 5 for data storage. I was running a windows xp pro machine with a hardware raid set to run as raid 5 (a 3 disc raid ) and a separate disc for the system and programs files. I want to recreate this set up using windows 7 pro (64 bit) running on a msi 790gx-g65 mother board. I successfully installed windows 7 on the system disc, without the raid drives being  installed. So i now have windows installed and running ok on my sytem disc.

I than added the 3 raid drives, set the bios to raid and set up the 3 disc hardware raid in the raid setup dialogue. Rebooted the system and first message error massage was 'can't find operating system' rebooted from dvd and started to reinstall window 7. Fter the keyboard screen, windows searches for an operating system but dose not find one. I select repair system add drives (latest raid drivers downloaded from the motherboards website).

Window finds these and seems to installs the drivers. First time i did this it windows did not find any of the drives at all, i repeated the process and it then found the raid and the separate drive but then it would not install on to the separate drive giving an error message saying it was not a correct drive and windows would not could not install on to it. Any idea anyone?

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Error - Your Hardware Acceleration Is Either Disabled

I am using compaq cq62, i got a latest driver for my laptop, but some problems are occur when i enter into games like 'chesstitan' it shows that "your hardware acceleration is either disabled or video card driver is not supported"how can i over come this problem. Do you have solution with you. I am windows 7 user. Improper running of graphics function

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How To Turn Hardware Acceleration Back On ?

Ok, i just installed windows 7 professional 64-bit on my laptop. Relevant specs are as follows:

Processor: intel core 2 duo t9800 @2. 93ghz
Ram: 4. 00 gb ddr3
Graphics card: ati mobility radeon hd 4670 w/ 1. 0 gb ddr3 dedicated graphics memory

Even though i had a few problems with windows vista home premium 64-bit (what i had on the laptop before i upgraded), i never had any problems playing games or other 3d applications because of my gpu's hardware acceleration. For example, i could run google earth with my processor never going above 15% usage.

When i installed windows 7, i was very impressed at how much faster it was than windows vista. It was very noticeable in everything from how fast it started up and shut down to how fast it loaded all the files in a folder. It was almost like getting a brand new computer.

That is, until i fired up celestia, a free 3d program that renders the solar system and about 2. 1 million other objects in a 3d model. I had never had any problems with this when i used windows vista; it ran perfectly smoothly and my cpu never even topped 12%. Much to my dismay, it started dropping frames left and right and the orbits of moons were popping in and out as i got closer to them. I checked the task manager and my cpu was hitting 89%! And this was despite the fact that the amount of ram in use was almost 300mb less than it had in windows earth ran with similar numbers.

I did some poking around and i discovered a very nasty fact: my hardware acceleration was turned off and there was no way for me to turn it on. Ati's control program for windows 7 doesn't even include an option for it. I also checked the directx settings and they are all enabled to max settings. Still no dice.

My question to you is: how do i turn the hardware acceleration back on? Can i turn it back on? If not, i'll have no choice but to go back to windows vista, because without hw acceleration, there's no way i'm going to be able to play any games more demanding than doom 3 or counterstrike if i can't even run celestia without problems.

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No Safely Remove Hardware Icon

I do not have icon in notify area to safely remove hardware on this and any other flash drives. I have already always show all icons in notify area option enabled.

My best find is but it not applicable to my win7 x64 system.

System restore to previous point does not help.

Right click on usb flash drive in explorer does show eject menu item, it triggers safe to remove message box, but drive still accessible.

More interesting - only one specific usb port is affected. Same flash drive inserted to next usb port trigger safely remove hardware icon and it work fine.

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Recent Hardware Or Software Change Might Be The Cause

I have just installed windows 7 onto a new machine and everything seemed to be working fine until i went to install the latest updates. The updates installed ok however after reboot i got the error message; windows failed to start. "A recent hardware or software change might be the cause". Etc.

I tried to reboot with the installation disc which i used not 20 hours ago but still get the same boot manager error. I tried f8 and and loading last good config. No change. Same with safe mode, command prompt etc. I have disconnected both internal hard drives and still cannot get the machine to boot from the disc.

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Error - Hardware Acceleration Is Either Disabled Or Not Supported

Error: "hardware acceleration is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver make sure you have the latest video card driver installed and the hardware accelerator is turned on" solitaire quit working right after update download this has slowed game. I have checked the video card is correct, and hardware accelerator says it is working properly. This started after i downloaded two optional updates, one of them kb968930. I have uninstalled both of them and tried to restore system with no results. The remainder of the message is"hardware accelerator is either disabled or not supported by your video card driver make sure you have the latest video card driver installed and the hardware accelerator is turned on. I have verified those things.

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Windows Cannot Start This Hardware Device (code 19)

When i put a cd or dvd in my disc drive it says "windows cannot start this hardware device because it's configuration information in the registry is incomplete or damaged. (Code 19). No disc works in in cd/dvd drive anymore. It used to!

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Frequently Found New (usb) Hardware Message

Windows 7 frequently says "found new (usb) hardware" -when it is not new. It forgets! This message is unattended (requires no action), and it appears in two ways:

1. If the device has not been used for a week or so and is turned back on, or plugged back in, the drivers get reinstalled which is a waste of time. In this case it's behaving as if there is an expiration date on drivers.

2. If for example i unplug the the mouse to clean it and plug it back in to a different usb socket, the message appears, and time is wasted waiting for it. 7 does not appear to consider multiple usb controllers to be the same for driver purposes (which really sounds like a bug). In no case were any of the drivers obsolete, iow it's not looking for new drivers. -Windows 7 uses the ones it already has on disk, but it cannot seem to remember that they have already been installed.

This applies to both the "included" usb drivers and the ones i had to install with a product. Is this a known bug? If this is "as designed", how do i configure it to work like xp (i.e. Always assume a driver is current)? Xp would rarely forget that a driver was previously installed; i could plug in a printer that had not been used for years and it would come right up. I an using win7 pro 64bit, and it is current.

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Dvd Drive Not Recognized Unless Scan For Hardware Changes

I have 2 ide optical drives in my desktop, a sony ddu1612 dvd-rom (cable select in the slave position), and a pioneer dvr-116d dvd-rw (cable select in the master position).

These worked great until i installed windows 7, and actually still work great. The only problem is that each time the computer is booted, the pioneer will not show up until i go into device manager, under dvd/cd-rom drives and "scan for hardware changes" (the sony is always recognized as it should be) - then everything works fine, until i reboot the system.

Is there a permanent way to fix this so that both devices are automatically recognized each boot?

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World Of Warcraft Video Hardware Error

I've been encountering an extremely annoying error; it's only been occurring after i minimize world of warcraft and try to resume play. I decided to ask here since windows 7 is giving me an error message, and perhaps someone could assist me in deciphering the problem.

Problem signature
Problem event name:    livekernelevent
Os version:    6. 1. 7100. 2. 0. 0. 256. 1
Locale id:    1033

Files that help describe the problem

Extra information about the problem
Bccode:    117
Bcp1:    fffffa800585c4e0
Bcp2:    fffff88003dbfc6c
Bcp3:    0000000000000000
Bcp4:    0000000000000000
Os version:    6_1_7100
Service pack:    0_0
Product:    256_1

My build:-

Operating system: windows 7 ultimate 64-bit (6. 1, build 7100)
System manufacturer: micro-star international co. , Ltd
System model: ms-7599              
Processor: amd phenom(tm) ii x3 710 processor (3 cpus), ~2. 6ghz
Memory: 4096mb ram

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Hardware Raid 1 Setup After Win 7 Installed

Can hardware raid-1 be set up after windows 7 is installed? Our company recently purchased a new development machine that with dual sata drives that were supposed to be configured for raid-1 mirroring, but were instead set as ide. Embarrassingly, we didn't notice until after we had installed and updated all of our development tools, etc.

I have since set up the second drive as a mirrored volume using the disk management utility, which will be fine if it is our only sensible option, but if there is a straightforward way we can set up hardware raid 1, that would be preferable. In my search for an answer, i found a post by another user and what looks like an excellent solution. But when i try to use the repair option to add the drivers for my motherboard (intel dp35dp), the iastor drivers fail to install and windows won't boot until i revert my bios setting to "configure sata as raid" back to ". As ide".

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