Generic Ieee 128.4 Printing Support

Puts fax into feeding tray and enters number and then gets message that scanner is warming up. After that receives the error message above. At this point he will unplug the cords and replug. Sometimes this works and other times it doesn't. In addition the message says. There was a problem installing this hardware. An error occurred during the installation of the device.

The driver cannot be installed because it is either not digitally signed or not signed in the appropriate your hardware vendor. Click finish to close the wizard. He also uninstalled hp laserjet 3300/3310/3320/3320n/3330 mfp and reinstalled it. It currently is on the computer. I recently installed microsoft office 7. I am a novice when it comes to computers but learning.

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Network Bidirectional Printing Support

On my home network i have a hp laserjet 4000 with 600n j3113a network card on the printer. It works fine for my computers but in windows 7 x64 ultimate rtm i am trying to enable "enable bidirectional support" on the printer and cannot do it. I check the box reboot and it is either grayed out or blank again.

I am trying to do this because applications that i am using in win7(hpscanjet g4050) will not print more than one page even though i request 12 pages to print. This happens when i scan a paper and want 12 copies, it will only print one. I thought that if i enabled "enable bidirectional support" it would do what it is supposed to. This function tells the computer when the last page was finished. That is where i am trying to get this enabled to see if it corrects the problem.
I have uninstalled the printer drivers, rebooted used the drivers from wu after no luck with hp drivers and so forth. No matter what i do the "enable bidirectional support" will not enable even checking the box.

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Network Printing - Remote Computer Says Its Printing But It Does Not

I have two network desktop computers with windows 7. I have a printer attached to one of the computers and was able to print from the other using homegroup. That process stopped working and when i send a document from the remote computer it says it's printing but doesn't. It's like it gets stuck in a loop. Help anyone?

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Ieee 1394 Video Capture Problem

I have a sony mini dv camcorder trv22e connected to laptop via fire-wire. Capture format is 720 x 576 dv tipe 1 pal (all is ok) now when i connect the same camera to my pc i get capture format 720 x 480 dv tipe 1 ntsc and error message "inconsistent video format" both machines running windows 7 laptop has 4 pin ieee 1394 pc has 6 pin. Both machines captured fine under windows xp and using coral video studio 12 or ulead mf6. I have tried updating drivers and adjusting settings but can not fix the problem.

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Ieee 1284 Printer Not Working In Winxp Mode

Unable to get this printer working in windows 7. It appears under unknown devices on devices & printers. Tried installing the printer drivers from device manager but no match if searching online & if choosing 'let me pick" then the device is not listed under konica minolta (new name after merger). If i choose ieee 1284 or ieee 1284. 4 then the only manufacturer's are hp & microsoft. I have old disk that has been used in xpp. By the way, do i need to install the drivers for firewire device?

Tried to get it working in xp mode but no luck. Not visible in xp mode. Do, firewire device work in xp mode? What applications & devices will work in xp mode? (Limitations of xp mode).

Os: win 7 hp 32 bit
Custom install from xpp.
Printer: minolta paperworks 6e (connected via ieee 1284)

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Ieee 1394 Host Bus Controller Missing

I have a new dell latitude e6510 with an ieee 1394 ("firewire") port-the small 4-pin type. Soon after getting the laptop, the 1394 port worked fine with an external drive. Once i got an esata cable, i started using that drive via the laptop's esata port. A week or so later, i tried to install a digital audio interface via the 1394 port and it didn't work. Naturally, i checked the device manager, but the ieee 1394 host bus controller was missing from the tree. I am running windows 7 professional x64. I knew that a new bios update was coming from dell so i waited a few days and applied it today. Still no 1394 host bus controller.

Dell at first thought that there was a problem with the motherboard. But i used the pre-windows boot dell diagnostics utility to test the 1394 controller and it passed three tests even noting that there was no device plugged in. I then plugged in a digital audio interface and reran the tests. Again the controller passed all 3, and noted that a self-powered device was plugged in. (Incidentally, i did try the same external hard drive again via the 1394 port just to be sure that it wasn't the audio interface that was the problem. Again, no go. ) Dell now agrees that there should be nothing wrong with the motherboard (and, thus, the 1394 port) given these passed tests. So, dell recommends a fresh install of windows.

But that doesn't seem right to me. Of course, i'm not terribly keen on having to reset all my settings, reinstall software, etc. But, isn't there a way to get this device to show back up in the device manager without having to reinstall windows? (Yes, i clicked the "scan for hardware changes" button. ) Or is there a way to somehow to otherwise patch windows so that the port is recognized and thus operable again?

Edit: having browsed the other posts before posting mine, but now having reread them, it occurs to me that i should note that my win 7 install came with the computer.

Thus it is not an upgrade; similar posts to mine all address the scenario involving an upgrade. Not sure if the solution is different. Thanks again. Next day edit:i did end up getting the system to "recognize" a new unknown device. Whether that's the firewire controller is still up for debate. I did so by going to the dell support site and just started downloading and installing what was listed for my machine regardless of date (e.g. , Installing some applications which predate my machine's manufacture date).

Maybe not the most informed strategy, but my thinking was "what the _. Nothing else is working. May as well give it a go. " I got through the first 7 listed in "applications" before rebooting. After the reboot, an unknown device appeared in device manager. I then tried to update the driver for said "unknown device" by selecting an 1394 ohci compliant driver. Windows warned me that it couldn't verify that it was compatible with my hardware by i pressed forward and: bsod! Yeah. However, upon the reboot, the device listed itself as a 1394 host bus controller in device manager. Whether that's because it's what it really is or just because i tried a 1394 driver, i'm not sure; but i suspect the latter.

In any case, i tried several of the other 1394 drivers, including the legacy one and a ricoh driver (because the dell diagnostic utility listed it as a ricoh 1394 controller). In every case, bsod. Sweet. Any suggestions about which driver to install or another approach?

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Error - Ieee-1284 Controller - Unable To Connect Printer

Unable to connect w7 to parallel laserjet 5 printer. I have purchased a parallel female to usb. Plugged in. Device is identified but i also have the following errors "ieee-1284 controller" and "operation could not be completed (error 0x00000709). How can i get my printer to work without buying any other gadgets?

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Generic Non Pnp Monitor Issue

My installation of w7 went great, but i'm running into a graphics problem. Windows isn't viewing my monitor as pnp, classifying it instead as a "generic non-pnp monitor". This in turn (i think) is forcing my resolution to three options: 1280x720, 1024x768, and 800x600. Now, i thought this might be a driver issue, so i installed numerous versions of the drivers (including the most recent, as far back as four releases ago) for my video card, a geforce 8800 gts. Nothing worked. In fact, it seems that these drivers aren't even being installed.

I say this because when i check the driver properties of my video card after installing the most recent drivers, the driver date is "9/27/09" and the driver version is "8. 16. 11. 9107". It seems as if windows isn't even recognizing the drivers i installed myself, only the ones windows installed automatically. I've checked around for monitor drivers, but there aren't any. Newer monitors, as far as i know, come embedded with drivers in the hardware. The only disk i received with my monitor contained a user manual.

I've run windows update, gotten every file available, still nothing. I've noticed something unusual, however. If i uninstall the drivers windows attempts to load automatically and run my display with absolutely no drivers, i'm able to use resolutions as high as 1680x1050, and my display is referenced as "(default monitor)". If i try to install current drivers once i've uninstalled the automatic drivers, i receive an error, stating "the nvidia setup program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware. Setup will now exit. ".

Processor: amd phenom 9850
Video card: geforce 8800gts
Monitor: chimei 22"

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Icons And Thumbnails Have Turned To Generic

When i click on a link to send an e-mail, it won't send without clicking "sync" which is hard to find
This is about the 10th problem i've had with windows 7. None of which have been able to be solves, waiting 6 months. Would like to know if there is someone at microsoft to help me. I can't get these solved through the forum. Mostly involving icons, all turned generic, thumbnails in my pic file, all turned generic. I would like to have vista back.

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Cannot Sync Generic Windows Phone

Have just purchased a toshiba laptop with windows 7 installed. Am attempting to load the software for a windows 6 generic cell phone (htc polaris). Windows 7 does not recognize the installation disk for the cell phone. And when plugged in by usb it shows in the 'devices printers' screen as unspecified generic rndis, status- needs troubleshooting.

I have hit the trouble shooting button and it appears to go into search mode, (looking for drivers i assume). I have allowed the system to perform a search for the drivers but after approx 45 mins it had come up with nothing. I have searched the web, xda developers etc and they all say the cell phone should sync to the media player, unfortunately it doesn't. The only thing i have found relates to downloads for vista only.

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Raid And Generic Rndis Not Working

I have windows mobile device center 6. 1, windows 7 64 bit, and an intel dp45sg motherboard. A little while ago the raid controller has come up under "other devices" in the device manager as the drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28). That is my first problem. No updates will fix it and it never gets installed. How would i do this?

Second question is after that came up not working the microsoft windows mobile remote adapter has come up under network adapters as not working: this device cannot start. (Code 10). I assume this is the reason i cannot sync my windows mobile 6. 1 phone with my computer. I hope someone can help resolve either of these problems or both.

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Generic Non Pnp Monitor Sound Trouble

I got this dynex tv for christmas so i wanted to so i want to extend my desktop to the tv it worked fine using vista until i updated to windows 7. Now the tv screen would flicker when a windows sound goes off, it would flicker only one time for the sound like when i open a folder or something. I can disable the sounds and then the screen would stop flickering but i want to know if i can get it to work properly with the sound.

I don't have this problem with the laptop screen only the tv screen. Im also using a vga cable. The laptop is about 2 years old if that helps any. Im not sure where to put this thread it seems like a hardware problem.

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Generic Non-pnp Monitor - Can't Change Resolution

I installed the windows 7 nvidia drivers ( 190. 62 ) and it works fine, except i cant change my resolution to 1680 x 1050 for my v7 r22w02 22inch lcd screen ! It shows up as 'generic non-pnp monitor'. When i update the drivers it says that the non-pnp drivers are up to date. The maximum i can choose is 1600x1200 wich makes it all squeezed. My monitor is plug n play and i cant run the drivers from the v7 website because they're 32bit.

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Mce Remote With Generic Ir Usb Receiver Pairing

I have just upgraded a box from winxp media center to win7 to be used exclusively for media center. I have a microsoft media center remote that i'd like to use with this box, but use a 3rd party ir usb receiver. The original ir transmitter is in use on a new win7 mc and uses my logitech 880. The remote that came with the ir receiver works, but is poorly designed and i'd like yo use the original mce remote (with the green button).

Does anyone have a suggestion for telling the computer to respond to the mce remote instead of the junky one? Or do i need to buy an official mce remote and usb ir receiver if i don't want to use the cheap remote? 

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Second Monitor As "generic Non-pnp"

Windows 7 sees my second monitor as "generic non-pnp" and won't let me set the right resolution, i have just installed windows 7 professional 64 bit on a new hard drive on my dell studio 540. The pc has an ati radeon hd 3450 graphics card, and has a samsung 226bw 22" monitor on the digital output.

This works fine, and has the resolution set to 1650x4050. When i was running vista (on the previous hard drive), i had an old 14" flat monitor on the other output, and it worked fine (albeit at a low resolution). I added an aoc f22s+ monitor on the other output, expecting to be able to set this to the recommended resolution of 1920x1080. Unfortunately, windows has set the driver for this monitor to "generic non-pnp" and won't let me set the right resolution.

The maximum it will allow is 1600x1200, which (along with all the other resolutions it allows) is not using the monitor to its maximum capability, and is the wrong ratio anyway, so the display looks stretched. I have run windows update, so have the latest drivers. I have tried installing other drivers, but nothing helps. I tried unplugging the samsung monitor and rebooting the pc, so that the aoc one was the only monitor there, and it still had it as "generic non-pnp"with the wrong resolution. Nyone any ideas?

I'm at my wits end. Aoc support didn't understand it, and could only suggest that the monitor was faulty, but the place where i bought it insist that it's working fine, and so won't swap it or let me refund (without a restocking fee, which is a rip-off). I would really like to use both monitors, and would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give. I hope i've given enough information. If i haven't, please let me know.

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Program Icons Have Been Replaced With Generic Icons

While trying to install adobe cs4 on my desktop i kept receiving errors on not being able to write to the c:windowsinstaller file. I had to change folder settings to see system files first then once i found it i could not do anything to it and had only limited rights. I turned off norton and made sure i had administrator rights and even tried to execute the file "run as administrator" with no luck. So i took ownership of the c drive and made sure that the system and myself that full control (probably not the right thing to do but i was out of ideas).

The install finally worked. However, now all of my programs do not have their standard icons (word, excel, quickbooks etc. ), They have generic icons and not all the same type of icon but they are all generic windows icons. All the programs work just fine but i would like to have have the original ones back.

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Printing From Xp Mode

I have read many postings across the internet and the various microsoft offerings and none have solved the issue at state that when an xp application is invoked seamlessly or xp mode is invoked i should be able to share the native printers that have been set up in windows 7.
This is not so.

It is not possible to "see" the native printers from with xp mode, nor is it possible for the invoked applications to print, nor is it possible to add a printer to the xp mode. I am running on a toshiba t130 which is equipped with a non hardware assisted virtualization processor. I have pressed ahead with the installation of windows 7 and the xp mode etc on advise from toshiba and microsoft. This now represents a significant investment of time and money bot of which are in short supply. Please do not now tell me that hav is essential - contrary to current documentation etc.

Questions :-
1. I have no tools tab on my installation of the xp mode within the virtual machine. Is this because there is no hav present on this machine? Obviously all the tutorials etc refer to this.
2. If this is the case please can someone direct me to correct document for the windows 7 virtual pc and xp mode where hav is not available. - I do not actually believe that any such documentation exists.

3. Please can some one explain how to add a printer to xp mode. I have been through a zillion forums where every one states this is as easy as falling off a log - but to my extreme frustration no one actually explains how this is done. Indeed at this time i do not believe that it can be achieved.

4. In the absence of any ability to print directly from applications invoked from the xp mode what alternative process is available.

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Wireless Printing

I have a new hp laptop connected to an hp ps1315 printer and another new hp laptop (both with windows 7) connected through a wireless network. I have been able to print wirelessly for a couple of months, but all of a sudden, the printer shows "offline" on the wireless laptop, but "online" on the connected laptop. Restarting everything seemed to work the first time this occurred, but will not work now. Is there a way to set the wireless laptop to "printer online"?

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Network Printing

I have a pc running 32 bit vista with a usb connection to my printer. It is connected wirelessly to my home network. It prints fine via usb. I have a new laptop running 64 bit windows 7. It also prints fine connected usb to the printer. When i try to wireless print over my home network, my print job does nothing. The so called network printer can be added on the laptop in the add printer wizard. The host machine has the 64 bit drivers installed for the windows 7 laptop.could it be a port issue? What port should the laptop have assigned to connect to the printer attached to the host machine on the network?

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Icons Have Changed To Generic Icons

For some reason after i changed my windows desktop background and then later restarted my pc i noticed that cpu-z, pc wizard, & eleet no longer had 'icon art' to them and they looked like generic icons. They still worked but i was wondering what would cause this and how to fix. Also, another change that i did was to pin shortcuts to these programs in my taskbar. All other programs were fine. For some reason this was highly annoying to me. Any suggestions?

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Printer Is Installed But Not Printing

#1: my printer is installed but not printing. It prints once then not again.
#2: i keep getting a message that says framework 2. 0 is not installed but it is and i down loaded it from microsoft and it just would not work. How do i get my computer printer to work permanently. And why do i keep getting a message saying framework 2. 0 is not installed when it is.

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Printing On Network Printer

I upgraded 2 desktop pcs from vista to win 7. Each pc has its own printer directly attached. Prior to upgrading, both pcs could print to either printer. After upgrading, one pc can print to both but the other can print only the printer directly attached however, the printer on the other machine is visible when checking devices on the network. I have gone through checking network names, sharing, reinstalling drivers, deleting and reinstalling the printer with no success. I've even attempted to establish a "home group" but am unable to do so. Any suggestions?

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Printer Not Printing Over Network

I saw a question similar to mine but not quite the same issue. My main desktop is running win7 pro and my laptops and other desktop are running win xp pro. I have set up a work network not a home network, per instructions from a friend in it. All other computers can see the printer and print jobs get spooled to the main computer. The jobs arrive but do not print. Just to clarify, i can print just fine from the main computer. I know there is a tutorial on here for this issue, but the graphics are no longer present, so it's rather difficult to check what the settings should be.

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Photo Printing Programs

I have had really just a few problems with window 7, one of which i'm coming to find out is the lack of the ability to print 4x6 single photo prints. With windows xp and my epson rx595 i was able to print any size under the sun i wanted to. With windows 7, all the compatible programs now will not allow me to print a single 4x6. I went to the epson website and downloaded an updater for windows 7. Still i am unable to print a single 4x6.

I can print 2 4x6's or even better yet 3 4x6's on one sheet of photo paper. This isn't what i want to do, some times yes but i want to use single 4x6 paper so it's easier to print and give out the photos to family. The other way, printing 3 on one sheet, i have to cut it and that takes away time that i could be spending with my granddaughter!

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Status Error Printing

I have installed the drivers for a hp deskjet 720c printer. Everytime i try to print from microsoft word nothing happens. When i click to "see whats printing" under the status bar it says "error - printing".

Further details: i am running windows 7 professional 32bit. I have used this printer on other computers and it works. The printer is switched on. I have connected the printer via usb to parallel adapter. I have installed the drivers for the printer from windows 7.

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Pcl Xl Error When Printing

I have an hp color laserjet cm2320nf mfp on our network. I have a xp device that prints fine, a laptop with vista ultimate that prints fine and a win 7 computer that gets the following message when i try to print.

 Pcl xl error
 Subsystem: kernel
Error:  illegaloperatorsequence
 Operator:  endsession
 Position: 15
I don't see other problem/solutions that look similar.

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Envelope Printing Issue

When i try to print an envelope in word 2007, the default printing style comes up as  "headings+" and that seems to be why the address appears as double spaced on the window (and on the envelope) rather than single spaced. The double spaced address will not fit onto my envelope if i leave it as double spaced, plus it just looks bad. How can i get the spacing to revert to single. I've tried changing the default style but that will not adjust it. There are not a lot of options on the envelope print screen.

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Network Printing Problem

I recently installed windows 7 over vista on the computer to which my hp all in one printer and my new linksys wireless n gigabit router are attached. I have another xp pro computer wired to the router. I also have two laptops running windows 7, one running xp pro and a desktop computer with xp pro that all at different times access the home network wirelessly.

Only the two computers wired to the router can print. All other computers either show the printer offline or an error occurred during print. The network is operating fine otherwise. The printer does not show up on the network but it does show shared under the printer's properties. The printer is a hp psc all-in one 2210 that everyone could print to prior to installing windows 7.

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Hp Psc 2510 Printing Issue

My laptop can only print on the networked, via o2 wireless box, printer if my desktop is switched on. I used to be able to print even if it was switched off, so long as o2 box was still on. I have recently changed both my computers, however, the o2 wireless box is the same. With windows xp on both computers i could connect to my hp psc 2510 even if the desktop which has a usb connection to the printer was switched off. The printer has an ethernet connection to the o2 box.

When i try to set up the printer, it will only show up via the desktop computer. I'm not that computer literate, and so have quickly run out of idea's. As far as i can see, everything is set up for sharing, and i have tried troubleshooting, to no avail.

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Printing Problem - Windows Cannot Print

Printing problems since upgrading to 7 "windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer set up. " I have uninstalled the driver and reinstalled the driver by directly downloading it from dells website for my dell 946 inkjet printer.

When i check out window 7 driver support it didn't have my printer listed. I can connect to the printer and have it run a maintenance check and it says it's fine but none of my programs will office gives "windows cannot print due to a problem with the current printer set up. ".

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