Unable To Access Groups Of Contacts In Aol

Since getting windows 7 i am unable to access my groups of contacts in aol. I used to have windows xp. I need to pull up a group and add contacts sothat i can send out "group" e mails.

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Home Groups

I have an acer aspire windows 7 laptop and just got a dell touchscreen windows 7 desktop. I set up a homegroup on the desktop and was able to sign into it from my laptop and it seems i can access folders in the desktop, but i cant even detect my laptop from my desktop. The main point in doing this is to retrieve music from my laptop onto my desktop. I left the homegroup on both computers and created one on the laptop with a new password and tried to find the homegroup on the desktop but i couldn't it wouldn't even detect a homegroup. I already disabled the 3rd party firewall, and made sure the dates and times were synced. My router is more than capable of using ipv6.

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Win 7 And Aol

I have been using aol for some years. I installed windows 7 professional 10 days ago and have been unable to access aol through the desktop icon. Aol gets stuck when looking for my password. I can access aol through internet explorer - using the same username and password - but it is not the same and have lost all my favorites. I have tried aol 9. 0 vr and aol 9. 5 and have tried them both with windows xp compatibility.

I have spoken at length to both the aol and windows experts - and they blame each other. I am now stuck and do not know what action to take next.

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Aol 9.5 Compatible?

Just upgraded to windows 7 on my 64 bit hp quad processor with 8 gig ram and 700 gigb free disk space. I've been using aol 9. 5 software which is supposed to be compatible and ran well on vista sp2. Now i get error messages regarding low memory and that view point media player isn't loaded (and won't load). After 4 sessions with aol tech support they tell me the program downloads but isn't installing correctly and that it's a windows 7 problem. Although aol doesn't show up in the uninstall feature of the control panel it does show up in program file (x86) in my computer.

It will not allow me to delete it. As it stands now, although i can obtain my email on aol, i am unable to use the browser inside aol or access my favorite list nor answer or send email. Aol also doesn't fully load and i continue to get error messages regarding low memory and the view point media player. As it stands now i am unable to even delete aol from my computer. I have been using aol thru internet explorer but the "favorites" list is corrupted and is unusable. Obviously aol isn't willing to help further. What is going on  and how can i either get the program to work or at the least uninstall and remove the aol program from my computer.

Having been a windows user since the days of 3. 1 i find that it is an increasing task every time microsoft brings out a new version of the os and windows 7 is no exception as this is not the only incompatibility. I am beginning to rethink my loyalty to microsoft.

Can microsoft offer any help or solutions ?

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Contacts Lists

I'm looking for some way to have the same functionality with windows contacts as i did previously with windows address book. In a windows xp environment, windows address book entries were used by microsoft works calendar and outlook express. In a windows vista environment, the windows address book entries were used by microsoft works calendar and windows mail.

Now, with windows 7, the windows address book has been replaced with windows contacts; and, the windows contacts are not the same as the windows live mail contacts. With windows 7, my understanding is that two address books have replaced one. And, these two address books don't communicate with each other. Plus, a birthday entered in windows live mail contacts cannot be used to update the microsoft works calendar. Or, an entry in either address book is not seen in the other.

Is there some way to merge these address books? Is it possible to revert back to windows mail while using the same address book as is used by microsoft works calendar? Is there a single address book that can be used by both microsoft works calendar and windows live mail?

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Creating Contacts

I have windows 7 and a folder my documents contacts. I believe this was created automatically wheni installed windows 7 as i do not recall creating or moving it. When i create a contact and then try to open it, i receive an error message "cannot start microsoft office outlook. The command line is not valid. Verify the switch you are using. "

My questions are: can i use an address book/contact book in windows 7 without using outlook 2003 (the version is what i have) and i do no want to use windows live. How can i open a contact in my contact folder, without receiving the above error message?

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Contacts Sort Last Name

Contacts display. I would like some help with my contacts display. How can i change the way the contacts are displayed in my windows 7 contacts, i would like the last, first name displayed. I have my windows xp address book set up with the last, first, when i enter the information in the xp address book, it is entered the same as in win 7, so when you are in the properties window, all the information is entered the same way "first, middle, last", but when i open the contacts in windows 7, the contacts are displayed with the "first, last name".

Is there a setting that i can change the display so the contacts will be "last, first name", i have tried the view and sort, but i dont see anything that will change the names "last, first". I have tried the "view, sort ascending, descending" but no luck.could some please help me with this problem.

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Setup Contacts List

I would like to get some help, i am new to win 7, and these "forums". Is it possible to setup multi-table contacts list, in windows xp oe i had several contacts list or folders, but when i import them in win7 it groups them all together, so is this possible or not. If this is not possible, why dont they make it work like win xp. I have read several replies to this, and i am not the only one that is upset about this change.

I need all the help i can get, so please, please help me.

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Contacts Lists Issues

My contacts lists shows 6770 addresses, here on the main board. In reality, it shows 14, 300 on my pages. The difference being duplicates. The system dictates i delete one at a time, this will take half my lifetime. How can i delete all of them in one go i have several lists formed but cannot keep contacts in them for more than a few days, they just disappear. For instance, a really valuable list of over 100 agents shrank overnight to 22 virtually ruining my work for weeks amassing them, whats up with it?

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Live Id For Calendars & Contacts

We currently use windows live mail on our 2 pcs. We have hotmail accounts for my wife, son and me and are able to see/synchronize our live mail calendars, contacts, emails, etc, from either pc. However we can only view our calendars and contacts if we are signed into live mail with our son's hotmail/windows live id. When i sign in with my wife's id or my id we are unable to view the calendars nor contacts. Is there some way we change it so that we can see the calendars and contacts from either my wife's or my ids instead of our son's?

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Software To Organise Contacts

So with my android phone upgrade i think it's time i organized all my phone contacts, email, messenger, skype, social network. What can people suggest me, what formats are most 'universal', what programs to use to edit, import/export, save, etc?

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Outlook Is Not Reading Contacts Files

I’ve just installed a new full copy of windows 7. Everything seems to work except the outlook e mail can’t find the contacts. Whenever i open the address book and ask to see a list there are no options available just a blank i don't even get a global address list. Attempting to import the data from old profile to the new profile the browse gives me a number of (. Pst) files but everytime i select one i get the message "the messaging interface has returned an unknown error" or "the personal folders file (. Pst) is already in use in the current file. "

All the contacts data is there i can bring up the files when i open contacts. I've tried entering new files into it but they don't show either. I've tried to enable the outlook address book in the contacts properties window but it won't let me. It seems to be greyed out. The man at microsoft seemed to think the contacts file was corrupted and re loaded a copy of outlook which got rid of all my settings and stored e mails ! I managed to restore them. He's coming back tomorrow, i'm not sure i trust him.

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Organize Contacts In Live Mail

How can i organize my contacts in windows live mail? I am moving from xp outlook express to windows 7 windows live mail and i cannot see any way to organize my contacts into different folders like i have in oe. I have folders for different "classes" of contacts - friends, relatives, business colleagues, etc etc. When i send an email it is almost always going to a subset of one of these classes so i click on "to" and select the folder, then scan thorough it and drag the appropriate contacts to "to", "cc", or "bcc". I need to see them all to remind myself which ones i want to sent to - i don't always have the names at hand.

It seems that with wlm i must browse through all my 200 or so contacts for each email! As you might imagine, this makes wlm all but unusable. I know i can create groups but that is for sending a message to all the members of a group. I rarely do that.

Please let me know if i am wrong about this. If it really is as i have described, is this seen as a problem and is it being worked on and will there be a solution within a few months? If not, i shall have to start a search for another mail client.

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Using Contacts For Envelopes In Word 2007

When  using word 2007 in vista i could address an envelope by clicking on the 'address book' icon and selecting the address from my "contacts" when in the "envelopes and labels" box.

Since upgrading to win 7 that 'address book' icon is no longer present and i can find no way to access or use the addresses in my contacts which are still there.

I am not using outlook nor do i have exchange, but i didn't have them prior to the update either.

What is the fix for this?  I am getting really tired of haveing to type in addresses for mailings that i already have on my pc.

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Live Mail - Your Contacts Can't Be Saved Right Now

There are a number of us using windows live mail who encounter the message " "your contacts can't be saved right now. Please try again later. ", On a regular basis as we attempt to update our contacts lists. I find no good answers to this issue in any forum i have contacted. I am a computer instructor
At the local senior center, and receive this inquiry from a number of my students. Not receiving a solution is frustrating a number of microsoft's customers.

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Automatic Sync Of Gmail Contacts To Ms Outlook

After setting my gmail account into ms outlook, it became a dare mission to get my contacts from gmail to ms outlook. I did everything:a) exported the contacts to a csv file. Ms outlook does not recognize it. B) try to upload my contacts. No success either can you help me and tell how to do it? What are the right steps to exchange these contacts?

Ps; about hotmail account, even worst - i set it, going through all steps described and at end, it'd never worked, ie, got the emails from hotmail into ms outlook. How can this be possible? Both two applications belongs same company? Shouldn't be built in away that it'd be so simple and 'stupid' rather all this trouble?

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Outlook Express Contacts Transferred Problem

I just got a new computer that has windows 7 on it and my old computer had xp w/ outlook express. I did a direct cable transfer of all my info from the old computer to the new one. Unfortunately, it did not transfer any of my contacts and only my messages from before 2007.

I have read the various post here and have finally been able to get all of my messages to the new computer using a flash drive. Unfortunately, i can not get any of my contacts transferred. When i go to the address book to export my addresses, it is grayed out and i am not able to select it. I have found the files and just copied them to the flash drive. The import address on the new computer is also grayed out in the contacts file menu so i can't select that to import the contacts.

I really need some help so i can clean out the old computer to get it out of my way and just want to be using the new computer.

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Unable To Select Contacts Within Live Mail

Original title: email contacts when i'm sending new email or when i reply to someone, i put my cursor into the 'to:' position, open the 'contacts' list, highlight the addressee i want, but nothing happens. I've tried several different ways of getting the addresses into the 'to:' box, and again, nothing happens. I'm at my wits end. I've searched everywhere in 'help' and couldn't find an answer.

So now, i finally found this online help with a real person. I'm hoping there is an answer to this problem. And, while i've got your attention, (i hope - lol), i have one more question. After opening ie, and then open another website, on top of ie, when i close the website, by clicking the large red "x" in upper right corner, it closes out the website and ie. I  then have to reopen ie. Is there a way i can close out a website without closing out theie?

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Desktop Shortcut To Contacts In Live Mail

My new replacement computer came with windows 7 and windows live mail installed as my e-mail client. I have been using it and like it. I have also been placing my contacts in the live mail contacts folder within that program. Since the folder allows other information in addition to e-mail, i would like to use it as my default/main contacts folder/only contacts folder, but i want to have a shortcut on the desktop to access the full file of contacts directly without opening the full e-mail program. I have tried unsuccessfully to drag a copy onto the desktop, locate the program in live mail and create the shortcut to a file that will open the contacts list.

I have also noted/found a contacts file under c/users/chick that looks like and contains the same information about a contact ( it has the same user face) identical to the contacts in the windows live mail folder but does not contain the contacts info that i have already made in the live mail program and apparently is not the same folder. How can i create a shortcut on my desktop that will open just the contacts folder in the windows live mail program? I might also ask the same question about the calendar in windows live mail.

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Move Address Book And Contacts From Office 2003

I am trying to move address book and contacts from office 2003 pro on old computer with thumb drive ( only able to boot in safe mode) to new pc with windows 7 already installed office 2003 pro.

I have copied files to from outlook folder on old pc running xp to thumb drive and saved them on new pc running windows 7 to the my documents folder, but i do not know where to find outlook folder on new pc, windows 7 is very new to me only been using for a couple of days.

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Importing Contacts From Outlook Express To Live Mail

I'm replacing my old xp pc with a new win 7 pc. Anyone know how to import contact lists from separate oe email identities into windows live mail without the contacts getting combined together? I have a personal and business email address, and like to keep contacts separate. I tried separate email user accounts with different passwords, but the contacts still combine. I assume a separate login account on the pc will let me run two separate wlm applications, but that a big hassle.

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Importing Outlook Express Address To Live Mail Contacts

I am upgrading to a new computer. I ran the transfer program but the address book did not come over correctly. All the address appear to be there, but i had them in several different folders for organization. The folders did not transfer over. I have tried to export from the old computer and import to the new one. I have tried to export as a csv file and import, but the same thing happens. All the addresses show up, but the sub-folders do not. Is there a way to get the subfolders to transfer over?

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C Drive - Can't Open Access Control Editor - Access Is Denied

How do i unblock the c drive, when it says "can't open access control editor. Access is denied. " And "c: is not accessible. Access is denied. " I cannot access the ownership options on the c drive properties when i want to edit, and on the hidden administrator account, everything regarding the c drive is blocked as well!

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Cannot Access Drive - Local Disk Ntfs - Access Denied

After upgrading vista home premium to windows 7 home premium, i cannot access drive d: local disk ntfs - says access denied. Says. D" is not accessible. I have lots of files in there and i never expected this to be a problem after upgrade.

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Error - Access Is Denied When Trying To Access A Shared Drive

I am getting an error "access is denied" when trying to access a shared drive on windows 7 machine that is not the specified "public" folder. How do i fix this?. I have done a fair bit of googling to no avail!

I have also made all he necessary network and sharing settings to allow connections. Other computers can access the "public" folder. But not the other shares that i set up. Although the other computer/s can 'see' them when viewing workgroup computers. Nb. All machines are on the same workgroup name.

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Access Denied - Cannot Access The Outlook.ost File

We have installed windows 7 on a new machine. The user is a domain administrator and has full rights. When we try to open outlook, it says that it cannot access the outlook. Ost file and then freezes. We have moved the uac slider all the way to don't notify, granted explicit ownership to the c: users folder, given machine specific administrator rights to the user and the problem still persists.

When we log in as the hidden administrator though, everything works just fine for the same users exchange login. The user cannot even delete files on the network that belong to the user! Everything works fine when he logs in from another machine running xp. What are we missing here?

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Game Access

I have been playing internet games since purchasing this computer in december 2008. Recently, when i try to play games, i receive an error message:

" Access to this game is blocked, possibly due to windows parental control settings, or to file security settings. If you need access to the game, check your file security settings, or ask permission from the person who set up the windows parental controls for this game. "

We have not changed any of the file security settings nor do we have any parental controls set up on the computer.

I am the administrator and do not know why this has suddenly stopped working. I also tried restoring the computer to a previous date in the event that something had changed, but that didn't help either.

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Remote Access

Hi, my wife recently purchased a new dell computer with windows 7, we use it for personal and professional use. The problem we are having is. We remote access into our office using a global vpnclient with sonicwall. When her laptop computer is directly connected to the server at home via an ethernet cable she can connect to the office with no problem. However when attempting to connect with our wireless internet through the wireless router she is unable to make the connection to the office. She has full use of the internet and everything else while using the wireless connection just no ability to connect to the office.

The vpn client says she is connected to the office network but when connecting directly to one of the computers via the wireless route, it is unable to make the remote desktop connection, while the hard connection with the ethernet cable has no problem whatsoever. We have quest for our home internet, i misspoke when i said server at home it is directly connected to the modem. We are using a:cisco-linksys wrt54g2 wireless-g broadband router wireless router. To the best of my knowledge there is no difference in special ports that are open between wire and wireless. Where should i check for a difference?

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Cannot Access To Some Folders

1st. I login as administrator user and didn't make any permissions on  these folders also didn't install any folder lock apps. When i try to open some folders i got an alert message " access denied " the folders size is zero but i know there are a big files inside i put it before.

Also when i go to security tab. I see another alert mean, you don't have any permission to change the effective security on this folder. Also i can't change folder name or delete it can't change ownership for this folders can't modify security permissions via acl. I know it's a complicate but i hope to solve it asap. Os : xp pro, 7

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Cannot Access A Application

When i tried to open a file it opened as usual and out of the windows bar came the normal screen but it kept going and stopped off screen. I can not see it on my desktop and i can not use a stacked windows option to select it. I can not move it since when i un-minimize it the screen pops up outside the view of the desktop. How do i drag the window back onto the desktop. I tried hovering over the icon right clicking it then move but when i left right or center click to drag it the cross bar disappears. I tried restarting it but it appears in the same place help?

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