Installing Foreign Keyboards In Win7

I am currently using winxp but will soon upgrade to win7. I have a question before choosing the appropriate win7 version.

I prefer using a danish keyboard layout for my laptop for extra ¦, ¸ and ¥ characters. I can't find any information about foreign input formats in the win7 documentation. Is using the danish input format an option in win7 professional edition or do i need to upgrade to the ultimate edition?

To clarify, i have no need for output languages beside english.

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Two Keyboards - Two Layouts

The integrated keyboard on my laptop is uk layout, the external usb keyboard attached to my laptop has a us-international layout: is there any way the to run the two keyboards simultaneously with the correct (different) layout assigned to each? If so, the dual layouts would be extremely convenient, if not, they are a real pain. Searching the internet, i'm not the only one trying to find an answer to this question.

I have to say, it seems more than a little weird the way the language-bar assigns keyboard layouts to programs - but as far as i can tell, can't seem to assign keyboard layouts to keyboards themselves. Ideally the default layouts would be setup to the hardware in front of you (2x keyboards in this case), with the language-bar giving the opportunity to override those defaults within a program  as it is, the default layout appears to be assigned to the computer as a whole, not to individual keyboards. Imagine only being able to set one screen resolution when you have two different screens fitted to your machine.

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Keyboards Stopped Working

Ok so i've read previous posts on this but not solutions are given. After recently installing win 7 my keyboard has stopped working except the quick shortcut keys. It works in the bios but then stops once windows has loaded. In device manager it says "windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39)" and yet it won't let me install another one. Its a trust easy scroll silverline kb usb, and i've also tried;

Deleting the driver
Another kb
Using an adapter to plug it into the ps/2

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Showing Many Keyboards And Mice

I'm having trouble with my keyboard and mouse. I have a logitech g15 keyboard and a microsoft x8 mouse. The problem started when my keyboard was randomly typing and mouse randomly clicking (or not able to click). I checked the control panel, and it listed 1) g15 gaming keyboard, 2) hid keyboard device, 3) hid keyboard device, 4) x8 mouse, 5) hid-compliant mouse, 6) hid-compliant mouse. I delete them from the device manager, but they keep popping up. Why does windows keep recognizing that i have 3 keyboards and 3 mice plugged in, when i only have 1 of each?

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I have bought windows 7 on my work computer. It is confirmed and i have received an e-mail with product key number and download now link on. I have forwarded the e-mail to my home computer and saved the e-mail to my desktop. When i open it to download it says it  needs cookies enabled. I have done this as far as i know but it still says it needs cookies enabled. Should i have downloaded it to my work computer first? I was told i couldn't do this. My home computer has windows vista and plenty of memory. It is only 6 months old. Can you help please?

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Installing Win 7

I sent off and received an windows 7hp upgrade for my sons laptop and called hp to ask if i can use it on my toshiba laptop to upgrade my vista - i was told its ok for 5 users and did the upgrade. Now getting a m. Soft message to say my product key is not valid and only 2 days left before certain items will no longer be available - how do i roll it back to my original vista again - not too happy about buying another 7 upgrade as just bought another for my desktop after realizing this problem.

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Installing Updates

Bought an e-machines pc for christmas 2007. In december 2009 i had a problem with the computer which has recently been diagnosed has a common fault with the motherboard which i have since replaced. I have spent the last two weeks trying to get my system back up and running after replacing the motherboard. I have re-installed the windows vista that came with the pc and the computer works fine. I then download avg internet security and use the computer absolutely fine. However each time i switch off the pc and then try to switch it back on it tells me that the system registry is missing or corrupt and to boot from the disc to do the repair.

I do this and again the computer works fine. However the internet security and anything else i had on there is missing including any documents i had saved. This happens everytime switch off the computer. Having looked on this site i found that i had no service packs installed so downloaded sp1 and sp2. These wouldn't run and the site advised me to install an updater add on. This wouldn't install either. My automatic updates wont work either. I'm not computer illiterate but i'm no expert either so please help.

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Installing On New Computer

I am going to be receiving a refurbished computer here soon, i have purchased the windows 7 copy to upgrade from vista. My question is do i just do upgrade or customize and do like a clean install. I will have really nothing on this computer other than what comes on it already. If i do a clean install do i lose things such as (and i know these arnt important things but there just small easy details to elaborate with) solitare, calculator, and meaningless things that like. Or are all of those things then re-installed with the windows 7 reprogram, or will all that stuff then be on other software disks i receive with the computer. Again sorry to sound stupid just want to make sure i do things correctly and should i just do the upgrade or a clean sweep on a new system.

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Installing Win 7 Using Cd

When  i purchased windows & i also paid and extra $13. 00 for the cd knowing that you can only download and install using the purchased link once. I downloaded windows 7 on my home computer just fine and it works great, no trouble at all. However i purchased the cd in addition to the download link so that i could install windows 7 on my laptop as well. But for some reason it will not accept my key. I've tried typing in the key on the cd case and the key i received when i downloaded it from your site, but nothing is working.

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Installing Win 7 From Xp

I currently have windows xp and yesterday when i booted up my machine, there were no icons or taskbar, and i cannot find my explorer.exe file. After lots of research and virus scanning, i have decided to purchase windows 7 and format the drive in order to get a clean install. Here is the problem. During the windows 7 setup it never gives me the option to actually format the drive. Sorry to be tedious, but here are the steps i followed:

1)since i don't have any icons or taskbar, i hit ctl-alt-dlt and run the windows 7 'setup' through the file->new task.

2)i get the 'install now' choice, and click it.

3)screen reads 'setup is copying temp files'

4)screen reads 'setup is starting'

5)asks if i want to go online for updates. I click yes.

6)agree to the license agreement)choose custom setup

8)now it asks me where to install, and this is what i see. My hard drive:  disk 0 partition 1 (c:)at the bottom of the screen i see 'refresh', 'load driver', and in the bottom right 'next'. Isn't there supposed to be an 'advanced option' somewhere?  What have i done wrong? 

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Motorola Software Not Installing

Motorola software not installing and directing me to a site for windows vista when i'm running 7 for 'usb core component' updates. I am running 7 ultimate and i want to install motorola phone tools for my motorazr v6. But when setup comes up it tells me i am running vista (i'm actually running 7) and tells me to go to Om/kb/941600. The site know im running 7, but wont redirect me to the 7 equivalent. Can anyone tell me if there is, where i would download these sort of updates please?

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Installing Program Not Responding

When installing a program i get "not responding" for about 20 sec then the install resumes and this will happen several times when installing a large program.

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Installing Ie7 On D: Drive

I have an eee pc with two ssd drives - its a neat little piece of equipment. Drive c is really small (4gb), and mainly contains windows-xp. The d partition is bigger (12gb). Currently internet explorer 7 resides on the c drive. To conserve space i wish to move (or uninstalled-reinstall) internet explorer to the d drive.
Does anyone have any idea how to do that?

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Installing Device Drivers

I am trying to install a controller using specific drivers which i have and every time i try to install them through the devices menu in control panel windows tells me that they are already up to date (even though the controller will not work). I've tried uninstalling the drivers which windows automatically installed and everytime i connect the controller windows installs the same drivers again without letting me cancel. Is there anyway to override this and install the drivers i want to install? I am running the windows 7 rc.

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Installing Hp Laserjet 6l Using Usb

I just put w7 on a custom built which has lots of usb ports but no lpt1. I have a hp laserjet 6l printer which i wish to install. I acquired a cable (from cablesunlimited) which has a serial printer end plug on one end and a usb (male) plug on the other along with claims that i can use this to connect the printer to my pc.

W7 lets me add a hp laserject 6l printer which show up in the device list but i can't get it to recognize that this device is associated with a usb port instead of lpt1.could someone give me a click-by-click scenario by which i can do this?

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Installing New Disk Drive

My problem is more involved than the title suggests. Let me explain.

When i upgraded from vista to windows 7 i attempted a files in place upgrade. That upgrade failed and got itself into a continuous loop attempting to back out of the upgrade. I have two drives, the main boot drive and a second 1 terabyte drive. I should have just reloaded windows clean on the main boot drive, but i didn't. I loaded windows on my terabyte drive, hoping that i would be able to save my data on the boot drive, which i was never able to do. I have been running fine that way, but. Now i want to replace that boot drive with a new larger drive. My question is:

Where is the registry stored. Is it on my boot drive or is it on my terabyte drive that i loaded windows onto. If i remove my old boot drive and install a new drive, will i still have a usable system.

My old drive boots now as drive d:. My terabyte drive boots as c:. It is actually configured as a dual boot system now, but i never boot up the old system because it is still in the infinite loop trying to back out of the upgrade.

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Having Problems Installing Programs

Programs and features is blank and nothing else happened. I don't know how long this is the first time in months i've looked at it. I'm having install problems with programs. Win 7 64 bit  i7 processor, 6 megs memory, nvidia gt9800 vedio, two samsung monitors, network, router, gigabyte mb. Had this problem in vista, found something about making a change in register and it fixed the problem. Tried everything on internet doesn't help. Can't afford microsoft support. Really in a bad way here.

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Installing Updates Difficulties

I am having difficulties installing an update. I am getting an error code of code 643: windows update has encountered an unknown error. The update i'm trying to install is microsoft .net framework 1. 1 sp1 security update for windows vista and windows server 2008 (kb979906). Please let me know if this is a necessary update, and, if not, tell me how to have my computer stop picking it up. I'm constantly trying to install this update because my computer will not let it go, but it also refuses to install said update. I hope i have given enough information for you to work with.

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Error Installing Ie8

I used ie for years. Then, my computer started missing keystrokes when on a web page. I installed firefox and the problem disappeared. I would now like to try ie 8 to see if the problem still exists, but when i try to install, i get a message "newer version already installed" and it won't continue. I went to add/remove programs and it does not show up. Then i searched for "iexplore.exe and erased all occurrences, but the ie 8 installer still thinks ie is out there. How can i get back to ie without reformatting my system?

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Installing Adobe Air

I'm trying to install adobe air v 1. 5. 3 on windows 7 running in parallels 5 on a macbook pro. The installation seems to progress normally but when it is done a) air doesn't show up anywhere that i can find as an installed program, and b) the program for which i'm installing air does not install or work. Using program compatibility and its troubleshooter indicates a compatibility issue, but doesn't say what it is and running the various options doesn't help. I've checked adobe's support forum, but without avail. How do i tell for certain whether air is working? If it is not, is there a workaround?

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Installing With 2 Internal Hdds

I just purchased the windows 7 professional upgrade from the ultimate steal, and i plan on installing it later today, but before i do that i just wanted to know what to do if i have 2 internal hd's in my desktop computer. I'd only like the current c: drive to be wiped, but not the e: which has a bunch of music and other things on it. I figured that i only have to select the c drive  as the installation drive, but i'd rather be safe than sorry. Is it simple as that, or do i need to disconnect the other drive temporarily to prevent it from also being wiped?

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Installing Xp Mode In Ms Virtual Pc

I downloaded and installed the ms virtual pc and ran the xp mode install and update. When i go to start the virtual pc mode it is there in the start menu but there is no xp to start. When i start the virtual pc it goes through a startup load and ends in the virtual pc session on a dos screen asking me to 'reboot and select proper boot device or insert media in the selected boot device'. When i try to reinstall the xp mode files it tells me they are already installed. The pc is running windows 7 professional and is a core 2 duo e4600 cpu 2. 4hz and 3gb of ram. Can anyone tell me what the problems is here?

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No Sound After Installing Win 7

I have and asus p5ad2 deluxe motherboard with built in c-media high definition audio. I just installed window's 7 from window's xp and now my audio doesn't work. Tried finding and reinstalling the driver (specifically c-media cmi9880), however i still can't get the sound to work. Checking the device manager it states "no sound device installed" but also states the device driver is up to date. Is there a known fix for this ?

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No Sound Since Installing Win 7

I have lost audio using digital audio(hdmi) since upgrading to windows 7, the computer is a sony vaio initially installed with vista, the device is a simatel high definition audio codec

I have tried reinstalling the vista drivers to  no avail.

It fails to play test tone when tested, and through troubleshooting coming up with the device is not connected which blatantly it is otherwise the hdmi connection to my screen wouldn't be working either.

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No Audio After Installing Win 7

Recently i upgraded to windows 7. After the update my audio no longer worked. I have tried to update the audio driver both automatically, through windows, and manually from the manufacturer's website. I'm using an acer aspire 5600 notebook. Window's says that there is not a problem with the high definition devise. Or the speakers, it continues i try to uninstall and re install the drivers to fix the problem. It then fails to fix the problem. Through windows help and support.

A driver is not offered for window's 7, just vista, xp, and 2000. Each of the downloaded drivers install correctly during installation, then the audio devise says that there is no problem  no updates to the devise driver are available for windows 7 or not that i can see. Any idea how to get this to work or will i have to re install xp.

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Installing Itunes 64-bit

I am trying to install i tunes 64-bit, but at the end i get this message "the i tunes installer is intended for the 32-bit version of windows. Please download and install the 64-bit i tunes installer instead" i am positive that i download the 64 bit version.

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Installing Win 7 On A New Ssd

I have an upgrade copy of win7 pro (retail) that i installed last fall on my core 2 duo system, which i just upgraded to an i3-540 earlier this week (and with the new mobo, of course i had to go through the automated telephone registration to re-register my copy of windows7). However, i just ordered an ssd, which i expect to get next week. I'd like to move the copy of win7 to the ssd and use it as the boot disk. Will this be possible with the upgrade version?  (i.e. , Does the existing win7 install on the magnetic hdd count as a "qualifying" upgrade install?)  Or will i need to go through the trouble of installing winxp on the ssd first?  (Seems silly. In fact, i'm not even sure i know where to find my xp license key. )

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Re-installing Ie8 On Win 7

I recently got a new computer with windows 7 at work. I then started to have trouble with our banking software and they said to uninstall ie8 - that their software was not compatible with it. I, without thinking or checking further, uninstalled it and then discovered that there is not ie6 or 7 to go back to and i was without a browser. I eventually got firefox on my computer and was able to get internet again but i would like to re-install ie8. I have searched microsoft's website for
A download but i only find downloads for xp or vista. Any suggestions?

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Win 7 Installing For 2nd Pc

I need some help how to activate my windows 7 home edition. I built a new computer all the hardwares are brand new in it. When i wanted to activate the windows it just doesn't accept the product key. I heard that if i install the windows for a new pc the activation can be issue because the product key is already hangs on (or belongs to) the first pc where i installed the windows first. But i didn't believe that can be true. So each time when i upgrade my pc or something breaks in it should i buy a new product key or the disc again ? Any idea what could i do ?

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Installing Win 7 With Emule

I recently purchased windows 7 from ebay. I did not realize it would not come with a disc. I asked the seller to assist me and they will not. I was told i needed to install it using emule? I downloaded emule (never even heard of it before) and did a search on how to install using this. I read several posts stating that windows 7 does not work correctly with emule installed but i need emule to install 7. I currently have vista i=on my desktop and need a link and advice pn what to do and how to do it.

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