Frequent Loss Of Internet Connectivity

I'm running windows 7 ultimate x64, and i've recently been having problems losing internet connectivity; usually after a long idle period (e.g. Overnight), although sometimes it happens while i'm browsing. When i execute ie the program locks up and any mouse click causes a "not responding" message to appear in the title bar. When i try to ping an internet site (e.g. i get no responses at all in the cmd box (not even a "host not reachable"), however i can successfully ping the router and the other computers on the lan. I then have to close ie with task manager and reboot the computer. After the reboot i can again access the internet, at least for a while. I've searched this forum, but can't find any answered posts that are exactly like my problem.

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Internet Connectivity Issues

I recently upgraded my desktop pc to windows 7. As soon as this was complete i started having connection issues. The internet access iscon is showing excellent for my internet connection. I wasn't able to receive my podcast's connect to the internet through ie, and i wasn't able to receive upgrades on programs like divx and adobe. I was able to go online through fire fox and receive updates for windows when i shut off the pc.

After updating to the new fire fox version i haven't been able to connect online through fire fox. It says i'm not connected. I'm still getting windows updates. This is the problem. Can somebody please help me with a solution i've tried looking everywhere for an answer and have even uninstalled my wireless drives and reinstalled everything. Why can't i connect online?

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Loss Of Internet

I have spend countless hours trying to figure out why my realtek rtl8187b wireless 802. 11b-g 54mbps usb 2. 0 network adapter keeps disappearing after i shut my computer down or when i leave my computer on just for a little while. When i turn my computer on after shutting it down or after returning to my toshiba laptop after classes, i get a nice surprise! Behold. I have a red icon on my task bar.

Troubleshooting the problem is worthless, so i tried deleting all of my adobe services because they supposedly are the problem, but behold i still have the problem. I have tried everything! The only way that i am able to type this message is by me having to restart my computer to another point in time and then i get my internet back. This was a nice surprise.

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Loss Of Internet Connection On Turning On

I've just got bt broadband through a hub and it was running perfectly on vista. A few days ago i upgraded to windows 7 and now when i turn the computer on there is no internet connection found. I used both the bt help thing to discover the fault and the windows diagnostic but they don't help, and the bt one says that there is a problem with the connection to the hub. I've checked the ethernet cable and used the installation disc but the same thing happens the next time i turn the computer on.

There's no problem with the hub because we have two other computers running off it which have no problems. The only way i can get the net back is to system restore to before when i installed a driver for my epson printer. Since it fixed the problem i thought maybe the driver was the problem but i've not reinstalled it and it still loses the net connection on turning on. I don't know what else to try. Any help is appreciated please =)

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Frequent Bsods

I have been having frequent bsod's, usually occurring during startup, or just after startup. Event viewer usually displays the following error:event id 1001 the computer has rebooted from a bugcheck. The bugcheck was: 0x00000050 (0x961a0000, 0x00000000, 0x82a927f3, 0x00000000).

A dump was saved in: c:windowsmemory.dmp. Report id: 071910-18704-01. The blue screen itself usually says page_fault_in_nonpaged_area, i've ran memtest with no errors, updated all drivers, updated bios to latest.

I can upload the dump at request. Pc specs:motherboard: m3a78-cmcpu: amd 9950 memory: 4gb (2x2gb) corsair 800mhz 5-5-5-18graphics card 9600gtpsu: 450w corsair windows 7 (although it used to have blue-screens at startup on xp too) any help is appreciated.

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Wireless Connectivity And Ie8

I get (three or four times a day) the message that the internet cannot be reached but diagnostics never finds a problem. I am working from a hp pavilion dv3 running vista and connecting wirelessly using a belikin n modem wireless router and using ie8. I had the same problem with a dell machine i have and they diagnosed it was a fault with ie8 uninstalled the upgrade for that and hey presto the problem disappeared. My machine (this one) came with ie8 pre-installed so i am not sure how to get back to ie7 safely. Anyone had this problem and/or any resolutions. Nothing appears on m/s site regrading this problem that i can find.

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Limited Connectivity Issue

I am connected to a wireless internet access, but there are many time when it would appear that, although my connection to the network is still there, access to the internet is not. The network icon will say connected to the network, but below that the words 'no internet access' with a big, yellow triangle with a big exclamation mark inside it over the network icon. I have googled this problem and it would appear there are many other people out there who also have this problem, however, they have the fortune to be fairly technically minded. Sadly, i am not so.

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Wireless Connectivity Problem All Of A Sudden

I hooked up a belkin wireless router to my computer and my husband's laptop so he can use it any where in the house, it has worked fine and then all of a sudden he no longer can get online. No wireless. I have done the trouble shooting, checked the settings, etc. And am at a loss. I reversed it so he was connected directly to the router and i was able to get wireless on my laptop but cannot get it on his. Any suggestions?  I'm not real computer savvy but good enough to understand or have someone walk me through things and am able to connect or set up stuff but with this one i am at a loss.

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Wep Ad Hoc Network Ipv4 Connectivity

I am trying to create a ad hoc network for my house but it seems that my windows 7 computer doesn't want to share it's internet. I have made ad hoc connections on my windows vista before, and it has work, but now when i try my windows 7 doesn't want to connect. So now i believe that the only connectivity problem is with my windows 7, it always says:

"Ipv4 connectivity: no internet access"
"Ipv6 connectivity: no internet access"

Everything seems to be in order but the ipv4 and ipv6 connections, this only shows up on a wireless signal. Both computers are hp. Windows 7 computer is a hp touchsmart300 pc, windows vista computer is a hp pavilion dv6000.

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Loss Of Sound

My computer is having the problem recently of randomly losing all sound. Will be running fine but all of a sudden sound is completely lost, everything else continues to run fine and windows 7 won't find any problem, but yeah, no sound coming out. Only way to restore sound is to completely restart computer. I have noticed that it is much more frequent while playing dawn of war 2. Not sure if this is related but it seems to be triggered alot more while that is running, but will still happen (though less often) at any other time. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar issues or if anyone knows any possible solution

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Loss Of Total Network

I just a new laptop and netbook with windows 7 on them. Ever since the day after i got them i have been having network problems. I would loose internet connectivity on the two windows 7 computers and only have a local wireless connection and it tells me that i am connected to an unidentified network when just a few min prior i was on my home network that has a name. Then i go to my main computer that is running xp and it is wired to the router, and it has also lost the net.

Checking my wifes laptop and my older laptop running vista shows that the net was lost on those also. And guess what, my internet based phone line goes dead also. I know that was a long description but i want to show whats happening. I am loosing complete internet coverage both wireless and wired and have to unplug and reset the router every day at least once. This is getting annoying and tiring. My wife has lupus and cannot get up to reset the router when she is at home and i am at work when it goes down again. I seriously doubt that the issue is anything else other that the new win 7 computers, due to the fact that nothing else has changed except adding them to the network.

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Powerpoint - Loss Of Graphics

Working on a network version of xp, i have experienced a loss of some graphics within the presentation after compressing pictures to reduce file size. Usually this can be rectified by undoing the action. In this instance the undo has not worked. The graphics (pictures)are identified in the multi slide view and in the slide show view but not in the active or the print view. In addition attempts to rebuild the presentation on a fresh document shows that there is an error with powerpoint in general, inserted pictures only appear with approximately a 5% margin on the left hand side. Any other person on the network can access the file and it works with no error?

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Packet Loss After Few Seconds

I lost packet once per few seconds, here is an example of my problem:

Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=68ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=66ms ttl=44
Request timed out.
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=68ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=68ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=68ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=68ms ttl=44
Request timed out.
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=66ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=68ms ttl=44
Reply from 91. 142. 190. 220: bytes=32 time=67ms ttl=44

What i already did to solve this problem ( and it didn't helped) / what i tested:- checked on another computer- connected computer directly to internet socket ( not via router as usual)- pinged default gateway ( lost approximately 3% of packets)- restarted everything - checked running process and services.

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Loss Of Workgroup Folder

I have 2 machines at home:win7 ultimate 64 bit, which shares a folder win xp 32 bit, client machine they join the same workgroup tom. Xp box can open the shared folder. After a few hibernation of the win 7 box, xp box can no longer access the folder or the workgroup. Win 7 box can access the group but the xp box is not there. Rebooting of win 7 box solves the problem. Any way to troubleshoot?

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Loss Of Access To Mapped Network Drives

I have a sbs 2003 with all the current updates. One of the networked desktops has been upgraded to windows 7 professional as a clean install. When the desktop initially logs in as a network user all the mapped network drives are visible and accessible. After a period of time the networked drives are not accessible as indicated by error: an unexpected network error occurred. I can see the server in the list of computers but cannot access it either. The only resolution is to log the user off and log back on.

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Security - Total Loss Of Permissions And Access

I have been trying to work this one out on my own for over a week now. I have a pretty good idea that my computer is being used through remote desktop. My administrator rights have been trumped and i can't access important parts of my computer systems. I have tried a ton of the advanced prompts in attempts to regain rights over group policy. I didn't make the disks for a recovery, i know, what your thinking but i have only had this computer a couple of months.

Now after doing much reading about the mechanics of my computer i now realize my error. Bottom line is i need to know if there is anyway to get rid of the rif raf running my computer systems. I also have had a ton of stuff installed in my system that i don't recognize at all. (In the device manager) at times i have had my internet adapters disappear and after painstaking hours finally found a way to retrieve them. I am by no means an expert on computers but know enough to navigate it well, so if someone could help with instructions on how to clear all this out.

I know how they breached my system so once their out i know what i have to do to keep it that way but i just am struggling with getting this all fixed. I don't have a ton of money or a debit card to order the disks either. So any help or advice that i can get for free would be greatly.

I am at my wits end with this computer and am about to throw it out the window not really but, i can't take too much more, it took me all night to figure out why i couldn't get online just so i could come here and get this typed out. I look forward to any suggestions.

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Error Messages - Msdsm Driver Incompatibility - Loss Of Restore Points

Sp2 won't install properly - black screens - cryptic error messages- msdsm driver incompatibility- loss of restore points. I tried to install the important update of vista sp2 on my hp dv7 64-bit computer. The latest windows update (service pack 2) gave me a warning that "msdsm" driver is incompatible with the service pack. It offered no solution or identification of what msdsm is.

I stupidly chose the option to continue the update installation anyway. After downloading the update and then attempting the required restart, the computer got through installation stage 1 of 3. Near the beginning of stage 2, the computer restarted, then moved to a black screen, with a changing one-line dos message seeming to scan files. It got up to a file number 3592 of ~75000 and would not go further, just kept flashing the same file name and number (with exclamation points!).

I finally held the power button in to shut down and manually restart. The system repair program began and eventually offered a system restore. I elected the system restore and it restored successfully. I checked to see what restore point it had restored to and noticed that all my restore points (except for the sp2 installation) had disappeared.

I also got an error message for norton internet security 2009 indicating that antivirus had shut down and it needed to run live update. Surprisingly it found 75mb of updates even though i had been fully updated prior to the sp2 installation. Thanks a lot microsoft for an unwanted "improvement" that causes far more problems than it solves. I recommend strongly that nobody install sp2 unless and until ms gets this straightened out.

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Can't Share Internet To Lan From Huawei 3g Internet Adaptor

I am in severe need of some help because i am about to go crazy trying to figure this out. I recently upgraded my mom's pc to windows 7 and i'm having trouble getting her network back in order. She has a huawei mobile broadband adaptor (3g), model ec168, that i'm trying to use to supply internet to her laptop and xbox360 via her router. I had it working for the last year when windows xp was still on her pc, but since installing windows 7, i can't get it to work. I'm using the same settings as i was before but i get nothing.
Here are the settings that used to work:

1. I enabled internet connection sharing on her 3g adaptor and shared it to the lan adaptor.

2. I set the lan's ip address to "192. 168. 0. 1"/subnet mask was the usual "255. 255. 255. 0" and the default gateway/dns server fields were left blank (since the pc was serving as the gateway and the dns sever).

3. I turned off dhcp on the router and set the router's ip to "192. 168. 0. 10"

4. I left the xbox360 and laptop set to "automatic"

With these settings it worked like a champ on xp, but i get nothing on windows 7. Also, everytime i turn ics "on" through the 3g adaptor, it says that it has assigned the ip address of "192. 168. 137. 1" to the lan. Not sure why but it does.

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Ipv6 - No Internet Access - Laptop Cannot Connect To Wireless Internet

My laptop has connected with the wireless router before and had internet. But now it says its connected but says error when pulling up a webpage. When i go to wireless network connection the ipv4 has internet but the ipv6 does not.

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Security Updates Stop Internet Explorer From Connecting To Internet

All ie7 security updates i install (cumulative or not) cause ie7 to not be able to connect to the internet. I have to uninstall the security update in order to connect to the internet. I have windows vista 64, ie7 and cable internet. I have checked for virus's several time using microsoft security essentials and malwarebytes antivirus and it always comes back clean. I am also running windows firewall and have put internet explorer on the exception list as well as turned it off to see if that was causing it from connecting and it did nothing. Can someone please tell me how to fix this.

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Wireless Internet Is Connected But No Internet Access

I just bought a new computer with os windows 7. As i was doing the set-up, it asked about the home wireless network and i identified it and entered the internet key. After the set-up was over, i cannot connect to the wireless network. It says connected and no internet access. It has the public icon and "unidentified network".

I have a "network error" window that keeps popping up that says "another computer on this network has the same ip address". I tried one of the solutions on this site to resolve it. I used the command prompt to release and renew the ip address and seems to not have worked. How can i get a valid ip address? And how can i make my computer recognize the home wireless network?

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Internet Tv Not Available

I am running windows 7 ultimate and is able to run windows media centre with my tv turner - live tv works and the guide is fine. However, i do not see internet tv as an option from the start menu in wmc nor is there any trace of internet tv in the guide. I enabled all the automatically downloads and clicked "download now" a few times to ensure everything is downloaded. Hat notwithstanding, i still do not see the internet tv option. Any ideas? 

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Connecting To Internet

I received a sony netbook for christmas which has windows 7 starter (i assume) already on it. I also received optus mobile internet which works and i was able to connect to the internet of my friend but when i got home i am unable to connect to my home internet.

When i choose internet connections and my home service it asks for a username and password. I have tired all usernames and passwords - netbook, internet provider, etc. I have a wep key and this is what i have used to connect my ps3 and psp plus other computers in the home but windows 7 doesn't seem to have this same function. Is there any way of changing the requirements so that i can use the wep key instead of the username and password? Or is this simplifying the problem too far?
We use a router/modem combo for all our other appliances. There is no button on this device that allows it to connect (this was suggested by someone).

This is totally frustrating and i was thinking of updating other computers to windows 7 but now think i will stick with xp and vista.

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Win 7 Internet

The majority of web pages will not load or take a very long time to load. It only happens on my windows 7 partition, not xp or vista. I've tried firefox, chrome, and ie. Using an asus striker extreme mobo with all drivers updated. Also when i am able to download a file sometimes it is corrupted when it finishes downloading, so an exe file will give an error when you try to run it for instance. I don't care as much about the others but i seem to have had problems with networking and the internet on any computer i install windows 7 on.

Tried it on an hp laptop and a lenovo laptop both with intel networking. The lenovo seemed to work fine over ethernet but always had problems with wireless. The hp always has problems. Installed it on a mac book pro with broadcom networking and had similar problems. I hope it's just general laziness on the part of companies writing the drivers and it'll be fixed by official release, but it's really annoying because the os is great otherwise and other users are not so patient as i am.

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Internet Not Working

Recently i got mobile broadband. Plug it in, it installs, hit connect and you are good to go. It works fine on my computer. Put in in my flatmate computer it installs, you hit connect open up internet explorer and nothing. Internet explorer acts as if there is no connection to the internet present. We tested it on other computers and it works fine.

We have tried to reset all internet settings back to default but still nothing. Any suggestions on what we can do to get it to work? P. S. I have a medium understanding of computers so can use command prompt to fix it if needed.

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Cannot Connect To Internet

I have a dell optiplex 760 desktop computer
Cable internet connection
Windows vista home basic operating system
Norton 360 internet security

This question has been addressed numerous times and i did read some answers, but each case seems to not be a perfect fit. I was on the internet and tried to to go to a different site and i got a message that the page could not be found. After that i couldn't get back to any page. I when i click on the diagnose option on the resulting error page, it tells me that it can't find a solution. The system had been running perfect for 3 months and i'm at a loss on what to do next. I did try to unplug to modem for 20 seconds, but that did not work. Maybe i need to unplug the modem for a longer period of time.

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Two Internet Explorer

I have a hp pavilion notebook pc. I was running vista home premium. I had a "free upgrade" when windows 7 was released. I followed the install (update not clean install) instructions for windows 7 and everything showed successful. My problem is i have 2 internet explorers. 1st- "internet explorer (64-bit)", 2nd is listed as program(x86) internet explorer. My computer is running a 64-bit system. This happened when i upgraded to windows 7. I thought (x86) runs with 32-bit system. How do i correct this? Problem installing other software.

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No Internet With Win 7

After upgrading to win 7 from vista i have lost my internet connection. Other computers in the house running xp and vista has no problem with the internet connection.

When i run diagnostics it says : "local connection do not have a valid ip-configuration"

I have tried to:
-Reset the router to factory settings
-Restart both the router and modem
-Connect directly to the modem
-Uninstalling network drivers (letting win automatically installing them again)

Any suggestions? 

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Very Slow Internet

Ever since i installed windows 7 pro x64 my internet has been acting weird. There are 3 other computers on the network running windows xp pro 32-bit and one running vista home premium 32bit. When ever someone else is downloading something or watching a movie online my internet slows down to sub dial up speeds from it's normal 3mbit speed. It only does it on this computer, when i am downloading something none of the others slow down at all.

It only does this with 7 also, it doesn't do this with xp or vista. I have searched all over the internet and have found nothing helpful. Everything i have come across hasn't worked a bit. I have reinstalled 7 a few times and even tried all the different versions of the ethernet card driver i could find and nothing helps.

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No Internet Access

I am having problems connecting to the internet via wifi with windows 7. The connection works with my desktop and apple laptop, but my new windows 7 laptop cannot connect regularly. I can connect to the local network, but it cannot then connect to the internet. I have restarted my computer multiple time, restarted my modem multiple time, restarted my router multiple times, used windows problem solver to check for the issue and it hasn't come up with anything. What should i do.

This is really annoying, especially since windows has advertised how easy it is to connect to wifi, yet that is not the case.

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