Widcomm Bluetooth Stack Won't Show Up

I have problems with widcomm bluetooth stack on windows 7. Not matter which version i install, from manufacturer cd or newest from broadcom website, stack wont show up. Drivers are installed fine and all widcomm processes seems to be running in background, but there is no icon in tray, only windows default stack. Am i doing something wrong or widcomm in windows 7 works that way? I have windows 7 x64 and belkin bluetooth stick.

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Ie8 Stack Overflow Error

I just installed internet explorer 8. I have a windows xp os. Now when i access certain websites (such, i get multiple stack overflow error messages (i.e. Stack overflow at line: 0). Then usually, eventually i get a message below the tool bar that states "internet explorer has modified this page to help prevent cross-scripting. " I didn't get the stack overflow errors with ie 7. Can someone tell me how to resolve this issue? Do i need to uninstall ie8 and go back to ie7 until this is resolved and they get the kinks out of ie8?

Btw . I have done the following already to try and fix the issue:

1) ran ie8 without add-ons and then accessed the website . The stack overflow errors still occur.

2) viewed the website in "compatibility view" . The stack overflow errors still occur.

3) "reset" my internet explorer settings as suggested in other posts, but it still did not fix the issue.

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Download Screen Does Not Show Up

When i try to download a program, i will click download link a little box will pop up saying that i can either save the file, or cancel, i click save to begin the downloading process, usually another box will pop up showing it is downloading, when i click save file, no box pops up, it just goes away and nothing happens, i can;t tell if it saves and i jsut can't find the file, or if it just cuts off and stops downloading, please help me, i cant download the new versions of itunes, sound mixing programs or any other program

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Where Does Win 7 Show Images As A Slideshow ?

How and where does windows 7 show "images as a slide show" choice (as in xp) when opening a jump drive?

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Pc Is On But Monitor Doesn't Show Anything

Today ive decided to clean up my pc from the inside(hardware) form the dust. So ive removed all the parts and cleaned them. When i put them back together and tried to switch on the pc the monitor wasn't responding like it didn't receive any signal from the pc (ive connect the monitor yes:p) and also the speed of the fans wasn't changing after a few seconds when i turned it on like pc do(you know when you switch it on you hear some bip sounds and the fans go from high speed they slow down). Do you know what might be the problem? What cables could have connected wrong.

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Libraries And Winrar Show Different Information

I have win 7 64bit and winrar 3. 93 installed when i go to extract a archive through winrar the winrar dialogue box opens and when i click on the library folder i have duplicate folders listed, it would appear the the higher level in the folder is missing example in libraries i have:-

Folders 2010general - 2010letters
Folders 2009general - 2009letters
When listed in winrar it misses out the year and displays like this
Folders letter
Folders letter
So i can't see what folder is the correct year. Annoying

Any ideas?

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Open Folders Do Not Show On Desktop

I got my new computer, with windows 7 already installed, two weeks ago. My problem is that suddenly i can no longer access the contents of any folders. If i double click on the "computer" folder or the "c-drive" folder, or anything else, i see nothing; no open folder appears on the screen.

However, if i look in the task manager, the folder that i attempted to open is shown as "running". But the folder does not show on the screen. So it seems that windows explorer is running but not operating properly. This problem only occurs under my user log-in (which is an administrator user). There are 4 other "standard" users on the computer and the problem does not happen on their desktops.

The last thing that i did before this problem started to occur was to go into start->games and i briefly tried one of the "free trial" games. Of course, i don't know for sure that the game is what has caused the problem but it was the last thing that i did before i noticed the problem. Previously, folders opened normally.

Any suggestions?

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Compatibility Mode And Tv Show Quality

I have a new laptop windows 7. I downloaded latest itunes and uploaded my purchases off my iphone. Itunes was working ok and now suddenly it freezes, constantly tells me that the itunes.exe is running in compatibility mode etc and to turn off comfortability mode in itunes before i use it. It is off and it still keeps giving me the message.

When it comes up on the screen, it sticks, freezes, is incredibly slow and after having downloaded 2 tv shows, the sound is fine but the picture is delayed and doesn't sync with the voices. It is driving me mad. Is it something to do with my vga, what can i do to get a normal itunes as i had on my last laptop (windows visa), that ran perfectly, had no problems at all.

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Xp Mode Fails To Show On Screen

I've been using xp mode on windows 7 and it has worked ok for some time. Suddenly i am not able to use xp mode. The program starts, and the virtual icon appears in the bottom task bar, and when i mouse over the icon a tiny window appears. When i click the window, the window just disappears, that is it doesn't come up on the full screen. Previously upon starting xp mode, it would automatically open as a full screen. I suspect that the problem may have been created when i attempted to shut down the computer (in windows 7 mode) before hibernating the xp mode.

I have tried windows restore, going back to a point before the time of this incidence, but without success. I have also re-downloaded xp mode over the top ot the existing version, but also without success. Using various options in control panel, i have come across a message that says "xp mode was closed with a user logged on", upon which i have hit the continue button. No success. Ny suggestions?

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Shortcuts Show Blank Icon

I have windows 7 home, 32-bit installed for quite a while. Yesterday i installed the microsoft online services single log-n. Now i don't know if this is a coincidence - i did try uninstalling it and the problem was still there. All shortcuts are showing the blank, white default. No matter where they are: desktop, task bar, start menu. I have tried everything i can find:

1) deleting the iconcache. Db, there are several methods and i tried them all.

2) using tweak programs that supposedly reset the icons3) resetting my background, monitor resolution, and icon size.

4) trying to recreate the icons by dragging them to the desktop and create a new icon.

5) clicking on the icon, properties and change the icon nothing works. The icons are blank in safe mode and when i log-on as another user. It is really bad when i have a lot of programs running and they are all blank on the task bar!

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Kai's Power Show Compatibility

I'm trying to install kai's power show on my new computer that has windows 7. I've changed the compatibility for the program but it still won't install. I have also tried installing it on windows vista with no success. The program was created in 1996 with no new updates.

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Show Hidden Icons Keyboard Shortcut

Is there a "show hidden icons" keyboard shortcut? So i am wondering if there is a way to open up the hidden icons box at the bottom without scrolling over to the little arrow every time. Anyone know?

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How To Get Cursor To Show Up On Screen While In Media Center?

How do i get my cursor to show up on the screen while in windows media center? It did when i first got my new laptop a couple of days ago. The cursor shows up when i use any other programs. Cursor does not show on desktop.

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Re-enabling Microphone - Show Disconnected Devices

If you don't know already know. In the sound module in windows 7 there is a feature in properties to disconnect the device using the device usage drop-down menu in the general tab. I have been scouring the internet for days to try and find a solution for re-enableing my microphone. I finally found the solution purely by accident when i right clicked in the empty space where my mic was once displayed. I clicked on the option to "show disconnected devices" whola 2 devices popped up. All i had to do was go back to properties and re-connect them.

Question is:
Why have microsoft set this option to hide them by default?

Why have this feature in the first place?

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Control Panel Doesn't Show

I have just upgraded from vista to windows 7. When i try to open the control panel, the icon shows on the tool bar and right click shows the options within the control panel, but nothing actually opens up. If i click on one of the choices i see a box fleetingly flick across the screen , only to disappear off the screen to the right. If i use the toolbar icon to close that option, the missing screen flicks back from beyond the right of the screen to the tool bar icon. If i start in safe mode i can use the control panel without any problems, but not if i start normally.

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Webcam Wont Show Video Feed

Had a logitech c600 which i returned assuming compatibility issues. Now have a microsoft hd-5000 which is annoyingly enough having the exact same problems as the logitech did. When i make a call about half the time the person i'm calling says i'm showing nothing but a grey screen. I can see them fine. Some of the times i am told it just keeps saying loading. On my end according to messenger (windows live package) the box where it should show me as they see me always shows no webcam connected, even on the occasion that it does work and they can see me.

I have similar issues in skype although it seems to work correctly more often for skype. Ironically enough however if i go into the setup for either windows live messenger or skype it has no problem showing me my video in the setup / config areas. But calling or being called it only works half the time. I have tried this with and without the webcam specific software. Did the same with the logitech cam, all with the same results.

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Show Labels On Screen Saver Or Photos

Using screen saver or doing a slide show, how do you get the photos to show their labels (place and date etc. )When you do a slide show or when they are scrolling through a screen saver?

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Can't Choose Folder For Background Slide Show

I don't know when and why it happened, but now i can't choose my own folder with wallpapers for background slideshow. I am talking about control panel -> personalization -> desktop background -> picture location -> browse. When choosing my folder in browse i click ok and. Nothing happens. The browse window just closes and i do not see thumbnails from the selected folder. I just see previous selection of thumbnails.

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System Will Not Show Flash Drive To Setup Backup

Just received new computer with windows 7 yesterday. I am trying to setup a backup file on a flash drive but the system will not show the drive e:? Drive e: does show up when saving a document file. When i click on create back up file, the only directory option given is the cd drive d: and i can't seem to change it to e: i inserted a 8 gb flash drive.

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Multiboot Drives Don't Show In My Computer

I have a multiboot computer with windows vista-64 and windows-7-64 and i have two external hard drives ans two internal drives, but while in vista i only see one drive. I can see all drives in windows-7. What is my problem. I can see them in vista using computer management.

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Live Sync Doesn't Show All My Computer

I used to to use live mesh and it worked great. I could connect to my various machines using the web interface and do remote desktop. Now i "upgraded" my machines to live sync. I setup the software on my laptop (windows xp) and my tower (windows 7). When i log into my laptop or use the web interface from any other machine the only device i see is my laptop. When i log into my tower, the only device i see is my tower. Since i routinely used it to access my tower from my laptop i am dead in the water. Any ideas what's going on here? I'm using the same hotmail account for both machines (i only have one anyway) i have used for years and years (the same one i used with live mesh).

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Screen Will Randomly Show Up With Blurred Icons, Buttons

Since i loaded windows 7 professional, my screen will randomly show up with blurred icons, buttons, etc. Almost like they are being pixelated. Sometimes i can move the cursor over the icon, and it will then display correctly. The other day my entire desktop was blurred. Tried loading the latest video driver, but it says it is the latest.

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Startup From Cmd, Ip Config Does Not Show All Programs Running

My startup from cmd, ip config does not show all programs that are running at startup.

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Acer Laptop Hard Drive (d:) Not Show In Win 7

I recently upgraded from vista to windows 7 ultimate with hardly any problems, but i've just realized that when i open 'my computer' only 1 drive is shown (acer c:)? I used to have a d: drive as well, my laptop is a acer aspire 6920, 250 gb but now i only have 111 gb? Could anybody please help as i've lost all my recovery and backup photos etc which were/are on my d: drive.

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Changing Start Menu To Show All Programs By Default

How do i change the start menu to show all programs by default? I'm trying to figure out how to get the all programs to load by default in the start menu (rather than showing recent programs, which we want disabled). Is there a registry key that can be changed or created to accomplish this?

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Bluetooth Issue

I have a windows 7 ultimate 64-bit, hp pavillion elite. I also have a iogear bluetooth usb adapter (gbu-421) and cant make them work together. When i insert the bluetooth adapter, windows installs the drivers, but one of them fails to install. In "devices and printers" i can see the adapter and it shows a yellow triangle on it. When i open the properties, there are two problems i can see:
1) first line in hardware tab in properties says "bluetooth l2cap interface" and the in properties for it it says "windows cannot verify the digital signature for the drivers required for this device.

A recent hardware or software change might have installed a file that is signed incorrectly or damaged, or that might be malicious software from an unknown source. (Code 52):" when i'm trying to update the driver, it says that the best driver for this device is already installed. 2) i have an "unknown device" in the list at the "hardware" in bluetooth properties. When i'm trying to update driver for it it says that windows found driver for bluetooth device(rfcomm protocol tdi) but failed to install it due to "insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service". Lso, when i'm trying to add a bluetooth device (jbl stereo audio) the system finds the device, but when i'm double-click on it's icon in (the headset icon) system shows the message "an error occured when initializing this device.

Try restarting your computer and/or the bluetooth device". I tried drivers from iogear (bluetooth manufacturer) website, from broadcom's webiste, and even from lenovo's website. Nothing helps. On a side note - the same adapter works perfectly on my netbook with win7 home premium 32-bit. With the default drivers from iogear's webiste. Ny help, ideas, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Win 7 Do Not Show Full 4gb Ram Memory Installed

Windows 7 home premium & ultimate both do not show full 4gb ram memory installed. I have been running vista 32 bit on my sony laptop, hp dv6000 (bought a year ago). Intel core 2 cpu t5300 @ 1. 73
In vista, i was using full 4gb of memory installed. And it was fast. I disabled everything for "best appearance" and it was just a stripped down xp, running decent fast (as compared to win 7 after installation).

I tried to install first the 64 bit win ultimate, the result was slow and sluggish. I noticed that i was only using 2. 99 gb of 4. 0gb memory installed. Which is weird since i upgraded, why did i loose my 1gb memory. I then installed 32 bit win home premium on a partition, the result is again slow and sluggish. And now again i am only showing 2. 99 gb usable, instead of the 4. 0 gb installed in the control panel>system and security> system. How can i regain my lost 1gb back. We can cross out the possibility of an old os, since it was running 4gb with win vista at a comparable very fast speed than the win 7. Thanks .

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External Hard Drive Doesn't Show Up In My Computer

I'm having problems with a lacie external hard drive, when connected to my laptop it doesn't show up in my computer. It does show up in device manager however and in the boot menu. When i select the manage option in computer im told that i need to initialize the disk, when i try to do this i get an error message saying incorrect function. I have been searching for a solution all day and cannot find one anywhere.

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Win7 Doesn't Show All User Icons On Start

I have windows 7 home installed with administrator and 3 other accounts. Whenever i start the computer, it shows me the administrator icon and the password field. Other icons are not shown.

I have tried "switch user", but then it doesn't accept the log in name and password. Only option i have is to log on to administrator, then log out. This way i can see the other user account icon. Not to mention that the passwords now work. Tried many solutions, the ctrl+alt+del to log on option is unchecked, help!

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Working Raid 1 Drives Show Failed Under Disk Management

New install of win7, and my previously working raid 1 drives show failed under disk management. I was using the release candidate for windows 7 until today when i installed the full win7 premium. I have several hard drives, two of which are connected in a raid 1 configuration (mirroring). They worked fine in the release candidate, but when i installed the full version today they were not detected while my other hard drives were.

The two previously mirrored drives showed up in the disk management as being foreign. I right clicked and imported the foreign disks. This brought them online, but still not functional. I tried right clicking and selecting reactive drive, but they are red and say "failed" where the other drives are blue and show "healthy". How do i get the drives to be recognized and usable again? I do not want to lose any information stored on them.

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