How To Uninstall Upgrade Advisor?

I installed windows 7 upgrade advisor on my windows vista laptop recently (about a week ago). It checked my pc if it able to run windows 7. Anyway i got an answer and now i do need to remove upgrade advisor. I looked for a folder in start menu where there could have been an option to remove the software (but there was no such folder). I also checked add or remove programs.

There was no entry for upgrade advisor in programs or updates as well. I even browsed to content advisor folder in program files. There is no uninstall program also (at least i didn't see anything matching). So now i'm desperate to remove this software, but removing folders and registry entries is not a correct, safe and, main thing, complete way to do it.

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Upgrade Advisor - Uninstall Ati Control Centre

Un-installing ati control center and ati install manager disables my graphics card, i am attempting to upgrade from my current 64 bit windows vista home premium to windows 7 home premium and i am having some compatibility issues. The upgrade advisor is telling me to uninstall my ati control centre and ati install manager.

However, once i do so, this also uninstalls my ati drivers, which means i must use my built in chipset graphics card which unfortunately is too weak to process the new windows aero interface. Does this mean i will not be able to upgrade my computer?

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Using Upgrade Advisor

I am running windows vista and intend to upgrade to windows 7 im running the 32 bit version all fixes have been installed on vista home, i downloaded the upgrade advisor many months ago in beta form and it seemed to work, told me everything , since then ive added a lot of programs, so this week i thought id install windows 7 i unistalled the old beta version of upgrade advisor and installed the all new singing and dancing new version , downloaded okay and it runs and runs green line back and forward up to date more than 4 hours no report no nothing, so i uninstalled that version and rechecked everything downloaded again back to the same a green line running up and down but no advice im into 2 hours this time. Can someone help microsoft seem pretty useless with this problem, i would like to know if the programs and hardware are okay for windows 7.

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Upgrade Advisor Automation

Is there any way to install/run the windows 7 upgrade advisor silently on a computer? 

My problem is that i am trying to assess whether a large amount of computers are windows 7 compatible so i basically want to create a script that runs the upgrade advisor silently at night and then copies the results to a share. I already have an ability to process the results if i can silently collect them.

Is there any command line options or configurations for the windows 7 upgrade advisor that anyone can help me with?

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Cannot Download Upgrade Advisor

I can't download windows 7 upgrade advisor. Every time i try it tells me "connection interrupted" but there's nothing wrong with my connection. I had the same problem when i bought a zune and tried to download the necessary software to run it (which i had to return because i never did resolve the problem) now that i think of it, i never seem to be able to download anything from microsoft, but i do have an active version of windows vista with valid product key.

What do i need to do to resolve this? I will be switching from a 32 bit version of vista to a 64 bit 7 as soon as the boot disk arrives (i do need to wait for the boot disk, right?. ) And i want to get things ready.

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Upgrade Advisor - Nothing Happens After Selecting Run

Xp user on 32 bit system. Have plenty of ram and storage, as well as processing power. Downloaded windows 7 upgrade advisor to desktop. Download successful. When prompted to run program, nothing happens after selecting run.

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Hp Support Advisor Does Not Work After Upgrade

I upgraded from windows vista to windows 7 a few days ago. Everything else appears to be working okay but when i click on the icon for the hp support advisor it opens and displays the initial program screen but at the top left it flashes "gathering information", the button at the bottom right which appears to be a button is blackened so i can't use that function, at the bottom there is "product #, product name, and serial # but all appear to be deactivated because they are gray yet they all display "loading. " But nothing is happening. The sand timer displays but is eternally working and does not change into an active icon so i can click on any option.conclusion: i cannot access the hp support advisor and need help.

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Upgrade Advisor Report On Devices

If the report says that "we don't have compatibility information about this device. " Does that mean it cannot support the device? How would i know if it can be supported? I tried using the microsoft online search for compatible devices but did not see the device i am using.

If the report says that "check windows update after installing windows 7 to make sure you have the latest driver for this device, otherwise it may not work. " Does that mean it may not support the device?

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Upgrade Advisor Says Remove Kaspersky But I Do Not Have This Program

I am currently using vista home premium. On trying to install windows 7 i am required to uninstall kaspersky anti virus. I do not have that program on my hard drive that i know of. I have downloaded kaspersky's uninstall program, but it cannot locate anything to remove. Anyone else had this problem?

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Upgrade Advisor - Uninstalling Microsoft Lifecam Issue

Microsoft upgrade advisor for windows 7 has recommended uninstalling microsoft lifecam version 1. 0. 0. 0 but i no longer have the program on my pc. I assume there must be files for the advisor to find something on my previous camera but i have been through my documents and programs but came up with a nil assuming it is there i have trawled my system windows vista but cannot find the program would like to have a clean board before upgrading to 7 any ideas?

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Upgrade Compatibility - Uninstall Pc-cillin

Compatibility program said my system was ok for upgrade from vista to windows 7 home premium. During installation, i received the prompt to "uninstall pc-cillin" in order to proceed.

It is a vista home premium os.
32 bit system
Very straightforward setup used for business
There are no traces of pc_cillin in the computer that i can find.
Tried revo uninstaller and could not locate it either.
Did 'diagnostic startup with same result.
Did not keep old software for pc-cillin.

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Upgrade Needs To Uninstall Mcafee Security

How do i uninstall mcfee , im trying to install windows 7 upgrade. I tried the install/uninstall program many times but failed. Problems installing windows 7 i get a message says i have to uninstall mcafee security

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Upgrade From Vista Stopped - Uninstall Perfectdisk

Installing upgrade from vista to windows 7 stopped and told me to uninstall perfectdisk. The control panel uninstall program can't find perfectdisk. I also looked thru all program folders. The uninstall program doesn't list every program, i can see additional programs when i look at program folders. How do i uninstall a program i can't find?

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Upgrade On Sony Vaio - Uninstall Welcome Launcher

I am trying to upgrade my sony vaio from vista ultimate to windows 7 ultimate but it says i have to uninstall welcome launcher before it will let me continue. Where do i find it to uninstall? I have looked in control panel under programs but it isn't. Does anyone know how to find welcome launcher in my vista os so that i can uninstall it? My windows 7 upgrade disc wont let me continue till i do that

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Upgrade - Uninstall / Remove Dvd-ram Driver Software

After the upgrade from vista to 7 began i received the following message: uninstall these programs. Open control panel and search for "uninstall a program". Dvd-ram driver software/bd driver software. Trouble is i can not find this software anywhere. Any ideas on how to remove dvd-ram driver software/bd driver software.

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Upgrade Uninstall Trend Micro Internet Security 2008

Upgrade runs compatibility checker, it stops and says the following program needs to be uninstalled. Trend micro internet security 2008. However, i have uninstalled it and upgrade is continuing to insist that i uninstall it. I even ran ccchecker to make sure the registry is clean of trend stuff.

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Upgrade Problem, Need To Uninstall Programs That Don't Exist

Problems upgrading from 32-bit vista business to 32-bit windows 7 professional (updating drivers, needing to uninstall programs that don't exist, etc. ) I am trying to upgrade from 32-bit vista business to 32-bit windows 7 professional. I have run the windows 7 upgrade advisor several times. The only item currently showing up as needing addressing is related to some broadcom program (details below).

I tried to just run the upgrade, but i get the message that 'the following issues are preventing windows from upgrading. ' (details below). First of all, i can't find zone alarm in my programs at all (i uninstalled it months ago). I uninstalled google toolbar yesterday, but it's still showing up as needing to be uninstalled.

Regarding 'csr bluecore devices: dell mobile 360 in dfu - csr driver', i tried to update that driver and got the message that i already have the most current version.

Can someone please help me? I'm really losing my patience with this upgrade. Thank you!

The only issue i get when i run windows 7 upgrade advisor:
Broadcast management programs version 10. 15. 01 broadcom corporation
Update available
We don't have compatibility information about this version of the program

The error message i get when i try to run the upgrade. The following issues are preventing windows from upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, complete each task, and then restart the upgrade to continue.
For these items, make the following changes: uninstall these programs. Open control panel and search for "uninstall a program". Zonealarm
Upgrading windows will affect the following devices and/or programs:
These devices might not work properly after the upgrade. Before upgrading, we recommend updating the drivers for these devices. Cancel the upgrade, open control panel and search for "update device drivers", or go to the device manufacturer's website to search for updated drivers.
Csr bluecore devices: dell mobile 360 in dfu - csr driver

These programs might not work properly after the upgrade. We recommend uninstalling these programs before upgrading. Cancel the upgrade, open control panel, and search for "uninstall a program". (Note: programs marked as * can be safely reinstalled after the upgrade. )

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Advisor Compatibility Check Error

I want to upgrade to windows 7 from vista. I assume that there shouldn't be a problem. After all, it is the same company right? After downloading the advisor, i got the same error each time. "Windows 7 upgrade advisor ran into an unexpected error. Please re-install windows 7 upgrade advisor and try again". I've done this a few times with the same result. Does this mean that i won't be able to upgrade to 7 or would i have to do a clean install? I really don't want to start uninstalling some programs to see what works and what doesn't.

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Cannot Uninstall A Program

I recently purchased windows 7 professional 64 bit. I am trying to remove a program that i downloaded and installed from the internet (yes i know the way to normally uninstall a program) but when i go into control panel/remove a program and try and remove it i get the message "you do not have sufficient access to uninstall 'x plugin manager 2. 12'. Please contact your system administrator"
I am logged in as administrator, no one else uses my pc.

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How To Uninstall A Program?

I want to uninstall utility programs from the mother board manufacture (gigabyte). I have tried to used the typical uninstallation method from window's control panel, but i could not remove few programs among utilities provided by gigabyte. When i clicked "uninstall", an icon popped-up, read: "setup has stopped working, window is finding the solution for this problem . " And nothing was completed. Is there other better way to uninstall the unwanted utility programs ?To be simple

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Unable To Uninstall

By way of background, i have an hp desktop that was running windows xp. The os became unstable, so i tried to use the recovery partition to restore xp - but that did not work. I got an error message saying xp was configured incorrectly - code purple, contact the vendor.

I called hp, gave them the serial # for the computer, and ordered a set of recovery disks. However, when i tried to use them, i got an error message saying they were the wrong disks for my pc - and now hp refuses to take them back and says i have to order another set.

My father owns a compaq laptop that was upgraded from vista to windows 7. He offered to let me remove 7 from his laptop and go back to using vista; however, after searching his computer, there seems to be no windows. Old file - and all the methods i have seen seem to require this. Moreover, windows 7 has apparently made the recovery partition on his laptop unreachable - no matter how i try, it will not allow me to access the recovery partition on the hard disk. It refuses to accept the f11 command to access the recovery partition, and any attempt to access directly causes windows explorer to crash. It is as if windows 7 refuses to allow itself to be removed.

Is there some way to access the recovery partition on the laptop and restore vista? There are no files to backup, so there is no problem with a destructive recovery. As compaq is owned by hp, ordering recovery disks for vista doesn't seem to be a good option either. And from what i have read, if i install 7 on my computer, it will invalidate my father's license.

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Uninstall Ultimate

I had a new computer acer, am5641-e5650a, it had vista. Intel, core 2 quad, #gb, 320gb drive, i had windows 7 ultimate installed as a new program by our church admin fellow. He has had a heart attack and cannot help. Something happen after we had a power outage. Ever since i get warning that my software is not legal. It appears that things are installed several times over. For example i can find a drive c: with all the programs in over a dozen places?

I need to install the windows seven as a new install again and use the boot disk or repair disk i made just after the original win 7 install. Can any one help me. Please. I have also just had a stroke and finding i'm finding it hard to follow vague instructions. I will print off and do anything you suggest.

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Uninstall / Reinstalling Programs

I have three main troubles. 1)i installed game awhile back but uninstalled it. It was installed with most info on memory stick. I want to reinstall now but when program boots up to install screen two choices come up. Repair and still shows up under remove programs and does the same thing. No matter what choice i make it acts like it runs to install but then pops up short time later saying its finished. Game is neither removed, repaired, or installed. Need help on that. Also, 2) i have tried erasing history on internet explorer but it never clears. I set it for 0 days but it never works either. 3)i was trying to remove another game but it tells me path or dll is not valid.

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Unable To Uninstall Any Programs

I am currently downloading a very large program off the web, so i decided to make more room by uninstalling some junk from my programs list. However, when i attempted to uninstall a program that i used with a texas instruments calculator, which never worked correctly anyway, the uninstall window froze. I managed to escape, but now it will not let me uninstall any programs and it asks me to wait until the current one has finished, even though it isn't doing anything. In any other situation i'd restart, but i can't interrupt the download of this large program that is currently in progress. Is there any way to fix this problem without a restart?

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Uninstall Live Onecare

 i've just downloaded the upgrade to windows 7 from vista, which reports to me that i must uninstall windows live one care. I have uninstalled windows live one care from the control panel and restarted my computer. It no longer appears on my list of programs on the control panel or start menu. I've searched for windows live one care files on my computer, and none come up in any searches.

However, the windows 7 upgrade still reports to me that i must uninstall windows live one care, even though i can't find any trace of the program on my hard drive. Am i going to have to do a clean install because i used windows live one care in the past?

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Uninstall Live Mesh

So far, i have read all of the other suggestions on how to uninstall live mesh, but to no avail. Anyone have the real instructions on how to uninstall live mesh using windows 7? The normal windows uninstall does not list mesh, i can't even find the program files for live mesh on my computer. Yet it won't go away. I can't find the registry settings. But those listed were for xp anyway. Anyone have any idea why it won't go away or how to finally get rid of it? It's not like this is a bad bit of software, i just don't need it right now and it slows down the startup of my machine and frankly - i'm over it.

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Unable To Uninstall Ie8

I was having browser problems and it was suggested i uninstall ie8 then reinstall. Now i'm really screwed.

During the uninstall this message came up:  the following programs were installed on your computer after ie8:  hotfix for windows xp. I elected to continue the uninstall. Then another message popped up during the ensuing uninstall:  "cannot copy the file; hmmapi.dll. Mui". It asked me to browse for it but was unable to locate so aborted the uninstall.

Oh brother. Ie8 is still installed but it has locked my i-net screen (there is a "locked screen symbol" on the status bar). I am unable to download any programs. And i am unable to uninstall ie8 or overwrite it.

In addition - my navigation menu bar is missing, i can't right click anything, system restore won't restore any date, and and and and.

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Office 2007 Will Not Uninstall

Tried installing office 2007 pro after clean install of windows 7. Files corrupted, tried to uninstall, cannot, told to use orig discs, did, valid no. Entered, tried reinstall, get this message: setup failed to install the required component ms sql srvr 2005 express (mssmlbiz). Business contact manager for outlook 2007 cannot continue. See c:program files (x86)microsoft sql server90setup bootstraplogsummary.txt. The summary text is:

Product : microsoft sql server setup support files (english)
Product version : 9. 00. 2047. 00
Install : failed
Log file : c:program files (x86)microsoft sql server90setup bootstraplogfilessqlsetup0004_royconant-pc_support. Log
Error number : 1612

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How To Install Xp Without Uninstall Win 7?

I already have windows 7 in my computer but i really need windows xp too. How can i install windows xp without uninstall my windows 7 home premium? By dual boot? Or there is another virtual pc/windows mode for windows 7 home premium?

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How Do I Login As Administrator To Uninstall Programs ?

I had windows xp prior to 7 and i never had to login as administrator to make changes in the system like uninstalling programs, or to run programs like windows install clean up utility. How do i login? I'm the only one that uses this computer.

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